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I've contacted a band, Celesty, about getting their music into the RBN. They seem to be up for it, but I hit a bit of a snag. See, I'm still not entirely sure about how the whole RBN process works and I need to be sure anything I say from here is factual or the whole information O_O

Here's the E-mail so far. Any suggestions as to what to put next?:


> Hi.
> First of all, I'd just like to say that Celesty is a truly amazing band. So
> few bands write and perform music to such a high standard, and I find your
> work really quite inspiring. Seeing the talent and commitment put into
> creating such amazing songs has led me to start playing the drums, and
> hopefully one day join a band. I hope you continue to have a successful
> career, and continue to keep young trainee musicians like me inspired =)
> Anyway... The real reason I have sent this E-mail is to inform you, if you
> have not heard of it already, about the new Rock Band Network. The Rock Band
> Network has been created as a way for bands, both big names and small names,
> to add their own music to the Rock Band video game by using the same
> professional tools that the developers at Harmonix use. These tracks are
> then put through a review process and then, given they meet expectations,
> they will be put up on the network for players to download. This would
> effectively provide these bands greater publicity and a business
> opportunity, as a fraction of the track download costs would be given to the
> band.
> You can find more information on this in the following links:
> http://www.rockband.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152225
> http://creators.rockband.com/
> I, personally, would love to see Celesty's music in Rock Band. Ever since I
> discovered the "Request a Song" feature on their website, I've been
> pestering my friends to request Celesty songs =D
> Well, thank you for reading my E-mail... And thank you for being such an
> inspiration.
> Best of luck,
> *****************


> Hello, **********
> Thanks alot of your kind words and best of luck to your musical career as a
> drummer :D You did select the best instrument and also the hardest... ;)
> About this rockband thing... I just wrote to our publisher that maybe they
> should do something about it....
> Regards
> Jere /Celesty


> Hello again :D
> I was wondering if there has been any sort of update on this? Do you have
> any plans to chart your music for Rock Band?
> The RBN has been opened up for a while now, and it seems that some of the
> best-selling tracks are the fun and upbeat styles of metal. Another Finnish
> band, Amberian Dawn, have had massive success with their tracks on the RBN,
> and plan to release their full discography. I really think that Celesty
> would benefit from this too, especially when the RBN is this new and the
> competition is relatively small.
> So, yeah... Thank you for your time :)
> Best of luck with the band,
> **************


i don´t know. I informed to our publisher about this and I don´t know
has thre been any succes :)
If you know someone who to contact please let me know and I try it
myself. Anyway this should go thourgh our publisher but I could try to
start the work or try...




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