PS3 owners getting screwed

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I dont understand why PS3 owners are getting screwed on RBN. It almost seems there is preferential treatment to Xbox owners, why is that. All songs should be available on both consoles.
If I would have known this was going to be the case I would have bought an Xbox. I am already recommending to friends that love Rockband to buy an Xbox because with the PS3 your gonna get screwed.


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    Hey man, you bought the PS3. You knew what you were getting into. XD
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    Hello and welcome to last year.
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    I know it's REALLY tempting to hit that big blue "New Thread" button on top of the screen, but maybe if you took 2 seconds to read around you'd find the answer. Or better yet, you could go back to the first thread that you created when you made the mistake of hitting the magic button and see that people ALREADY ANSWERED YOU.

    I am already recommending to friends that they put you on ignore.
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    The rate at which songs are brought over to the PS3 is limited to 5 songs per week. That limit was set by Sony, not Harmonix. It sucks, but it's better than nothing I suppose.

    You can help appeal to Sony to increase the cap by voting over at the PlayStation.Blog's Share site.
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    Harmonix doesn't prefer Microsoft, they're just easier for them to work with than Sony. That being said, I'm sure the PS3 WOULD be on par with 360 if Sony had a user created content system like the MS marketplace.

    They're trying, be happy about that.
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    We've been over this dozens of times before. It's not preferential treatment. Xbox made the RBN possible because of the XNA framework. Sony doesn't have that yet, so HMX has to jump through hoops to get content on the PS3's store. Feel free to scroll over to the 30 or so other threads that claim this argument you're 'restarting' and you'll see you're quite wrong.

    NB4 Lock.
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    When I said 'look around in the RBN section for more information' when I closed your other thread, I meant exactly that, and not 'post another thread with an inflammatory title while remaining completely clueless'.

    I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but if you can't be bothered to look around and inform yourself before posting drivel, I can't be bothered to be polite.
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