Is my song too racy for RBN?

toymachineSHtoymachineSH Headliner
edited July 2010 in The Rock Band Network
Alright so after seeing some of the stuff that gets approved for RBN I am almost positive that while many people are probably going to hate my band I think some people might enjoy it.

What I'm wondering though is about the lyrical content.

Censoring my lyrics with regards to f-bombs and what not is no problem but what about the violent connotations and the words "****" and "ass"

Would I be able to substitute Boobs for that?

I dunno I'll leave a link to the hillarious attempt at recording the song and the live version for your scrutiny.

Could always pick another song. - lolrecorded - lollive

I'm the singer btw :3

Lyrics in description for both.


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