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The Beatles have written many endearing songs, with a large variety of characters that we have grown to appreciate and for hardcore fans, even name children after them. And so we will now enter the world that the Beatles have created for us, a world where the characters from their songs live as the cast of a story, a battle between good and evil. In this game, YOU will be these characters (e.g. The Walrus, as opposed to the Beatles themselves) as they struggle to either depose the scheming Mafia or become the unopposed rulers of the world.

If you've never played Mafia before (or Forum Mafia, which is a little different), here is how to play:
In Mafia, there is a certain number of players, divided into two main groups: the Town, and the Mafia. If you are a member of the Town, you win if, at any point, all non-Town members are dead. If you are a member of the Mafia, you win if the Mafia ever comprises a majority of the remaining players. (For example, if there are three mafia members and two town members left, the mafia wins.) And there may also be Independent(s), whose winning conditions will be explained in the PM I send them. The way you go about winning is simple: you kill off people you figure are most suspicious or harmful to your efforts.

Each game 'Day' is divided into Day and Night phases. During the Day, players post in the thread, trying to decide which players are really members of the Mafia. Town players will debate who is the most suspicious, while the Mafia will try to mislead the Town into lynching the wrong player. Each player gets one vote, and whenever one player has a majority of the votes, that player is lynched by the Town, and is eliminated and their role is revealed.

Each Day lasts until someone is lynched, or until the deadline is reached. After a player is lynched, the Day ends, and it becomes Night. No player may post in the thread during the Night. During the Night phase, the Mafia chooses a player to hit, and will PM me their choice. That player is killed, and eliminated from the game. Also during the Night, most players will have abilities (detailed in your Role PM descriptions). If you wish to use these, PM me with your actions during the Night before the deadline.
Play continues in this day/night sequence until either side's victory condition is met, at which point the game is over.

Players with night abilities would be best to keep them secret, so as not to become instant night kill targets for the mafia. Therefore, it's usually best to keep your role to yourself for as long as possible. Also, it is more fun to rely on wit to figure out who is Mafia rather than just verifying claims.

Some roles can also provide items/abilities to other players. If you receive one of these extra abilities, you may use it at Night in place of your normal action.

Here are the rules:
1. Place your votes in this format, and bold: Vote: Erniewan
2. Do not communicate with other players about the game outside this thread at any time, unless your role specifically allows it.
3. Do not edit your posts, even just to fix spelling. Instead, just make a new post.
4. Send your PMs only to me, the moderator. You may also send me any questions.
5. Do not ever quote or pretend to quote a PM from me (e.g. your role, an action result, etc.)
6. Don't post during the Night phase.
7. Do not post after you have died, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you really have something to say, PM me and I will say it for you.
8. Stay active and try to post at least once every day or so. If I have replacements, I will replace inactive players.
9. Have fun, don't cheat, and be considerate of others. It's just a game, after all!

You may now post to sign-up for the game or ask questions! Be sure to check out my own Mafia forum to see some examples of Mafia games, and feel free to join if you want!

Here's my personal list of Mafia roles, though it's definitely possible that I came up with a new one that isn't on the list yet (most of these hardly ever get used):

Current Roster:
1. (BeatleMath) Gary141
2. Jr48fan
3. (Darth_Pokey) Wave57
4. (CaptainKicker) HeyRiles
5. Jelfoss
6. nickbrownsfan
7. robbiecon
8. soup567
9. Chew13acca
10. (SystemSCSnake) GreatJedi7

1. Zachy7777 - Jude, Pediatrician, Town, Killed N1
2. RockBandRocker - Sgt. Pepper, Mentor, Town, Killed N1
3. TheKillerWillWin - Paperback Writer, Message Sender, Town, Lynched D2
4. fatalfiend37 - Eleanor Rigby, Insomniac, Town, Killed N2

5. -Imagine- - Taxman, Vote Thief/Mugger, Mafia, Killed N2
6. JcFTW61 - ????????, Killed N2
7. fuselage321 - Bulldog, Recruiting Mason, Town, Lynched D4
8. (NickPR) JesusSilencio - Rocky Raccoon, Duelist, Town, Killed N4

9. Fishy70 - ??????????, Killed N4
10. Yesguy - The Walrus, Illusionist/Janitor, Mafia, Killed N4
11. theicon77 - Billy Shears, Bodyguard, Town, Killed N5
12. LordManiMani - Mr. Kite, Game Show Host, Town, Lynched D6
13. hiimSMAP - Lucy, Roleblocker, Town, Killed N6
14. milkandcookies - Rita, Role Cop, Town, Killed N6

Link to Days:
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7


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