Question regarding instuments for Wii

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Hi guys,

I want to buy Lego Rock Band for my kids.... (and myself :p) and I have a question regarding the instruments.

The kids say that they both want guitars but most of the best deals are sold as 'full band bundles' with one guitar, one drum kit and a mic.

My question is, is the playability affected if I just had two guitars? Does it even accept more than one guitar? Would I be losing out by not having a drum kit and mic?

Any info would be apprieciated. :D


  • fcmleftyfcmlefty Road Warrior
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    Yes, it accepts more than one guitar. If there are two guitars connected, one player plays guitar and the 2nd player plays bass.

    All gameplay modes (quickplay and career) can be done with only guitars. Drums and a mic just add to the fun!
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