New controller compatibility

LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
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Okay, the majority of the MadCatz instrument press releases tout "exclusive compatibility with Rock Band 3." While this makes sense for the PRO guitar controllers, I was wondering if the keyboards and MIDI adapters would only be RB3-compatible. It'd be a shame if we had controllers that wouldn't work for Rock Band/2, either, for the occasional rare craving of "Enter Sandman." (I'm thinking more drums-oriented, but I know of at least one person who because of physical disabilities cannot use the guitar controller, and think it'd be awesome if he could use the keyboard to play instead.)


  • ShadowChaosControlShadowChaosControl Rising Star
    edited June 2010
    we don't know about the keyboard yet, but if that person really wants to play paranoid or enter sandman, i think they would understand about the controller not being compatible.
    for any other song, just import RB2 into RB3
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