We need Gama Bomb, Who agrees ? Link to a song by them if you don't know them yet.

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Hey everyone, I jus think that we need this band Gama Bomb. They're a thrash metal band from Ireland (where i live) and they're a great band, They sound like a classic thrash metal band. But anyways on with the topic, for you people that haven't heard Gama Bomb yet i have a link for you to listen to song by them, prepare to be amazed. Just listen to the song and if you think they should be a part of the Rock Band Network or not just say below what you think of them and stuff. Heres the link of one of their songs...


Thats the link, if you like that song its a part of the album Citizen Brain, and you should listen to the rest of the album and their other album Tales From The Grave In Space, So listen and give your opinion below...Thank you!


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