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TheVirusTheVirus Unsigned
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to the RBN, for the last several days. I go there and it loads up fine, but then after a few seconds it kicks me out and gives me the inevitable "Can't connect to RBN Sever, try again later". Has anyone else been having these problems? I even cleared my cache and redownloaded the title update. Thanks

It is also worth noting, that I can connect to the music store fine.


  • JL87 aka MaineJL87 aka Maine Opening Act
    edited June 2010
    Yea it kicks me out after about 30-45 seconds, so I gotta get 1 song at a time, and pick quick. They should fix this because people won't bother purchasing songs when they know the store will kick them so fast. It's really annoying!
  • hugoballin88hugoballin88 Unsigned
    edited June 2010
    Yes ive been kicked a few good times. But it usually lets me back in with no problems after it doesnt work the first time. Also if your one of the people getting dlc off your friends or peoples accounts. THey know, trust me. And they will make you pay for it. Meaning ****ty network connection if any. If anyone is thinking of doing that. Don't. You'll be sorry.
  • TheVirusTheVirus Unsigned
    edited June 2010
    I don't even know what that means, for getting dlc off your friends. I'm pretty sure they have usuage rights. Like I said, just been having trouble the last few days. Resorted to buying stuff via the online website.
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