Will DLC work when your offline?

natonio95natonio95 Unsigned
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I want to use my DLC songs offline so i can use RB2 at a party. Will it work when your not online?


  • GreenIllusionGreenIllusion Opening Act
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  • TheWii60RockerTheWii60Rocker Opening Act
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    if you are using the same hard drive and console you downloaded it to, it will work on any profile of that same console on or offline.

    if you want to bring your hard drive somewhere else on a different xbox, you need to be signed in to xbox live for it to work. the dlc will only work to the console and hard drive you download it to offline, so be sure to only download stuff from your original console and hard drive.

    microsoft does not want more than one person to use any downloaded content that one person paid for. they are stingy like that
  • hugoballin88hugoballin88 Unsigned
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    As long as your using the same playstation you downloaded them too, then yup. GL and have fun.
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