So, Just out of Curiosity...

mxza1000mxza1000 Opening Act
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What do you guys think of the music video for can't be tamed?

I think shes goin gaga :)

but seriously, I think she gave up on trying to be a role model, otherwise, I feel bad for the kids that make her their role model


  • GowienczykGowienczyk Pooper of Parties
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    She was trying to be a role model? Most dance pop musician's are going the glam, owait I mean gaga route.
  • kangaroo62kangaroo62 Road Warrior
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    What the **** was up with the bird wings?
  • darkwinterbeast8darkwinterbeast8 Headliner
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    Yet another bad video made by the Disney product of Billy Ray Cyrus' loins. Whether she is pretending to be innocent or following the career paths of Christina Agulera and Britney Spears in going from Disney to sleazy, the fact can't be denied that Miley Cyrus has yet to write a good song.
  • dman2309dman2309 Road Warrior
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    It's the same exact thing over and over and over again. Good girl with Disney ties makes a fortune parading around and pretending to be a role model for little pre-teen girls. Then, they decide they want to go for a more "mature" style. This results in silly promiscuity that is absolutely so overly ridiculous it's laughable. Then the huge drop in popularity because what was once a "wholesome" artist is now a "trashy" one. Then the drugs and rehab. Then the fall off the face of pop culture.

    It's gonna happen.
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