XBox360 Rock Band Network Crash Bug?

DovShermanDovSherman Unsigned
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Lately, I've been getting a crash/lock-up bug when I connect to Rock Band Network from Rock Band 2 on my XBox360.

I can access most of the RBN store okay but, if I select Browse/Genre and choose "Rock", instead of a list, I just get a single blank line, highlighted in yellow. If I back out to Genre and select Rock a second time, RBN locks up completely and I have to shut down my XBox360.

Is anyone else experiencing this? It seems like a pretty severe bug and, since it prevents me from giving money to Harmonix and the RBN musicians, it seems like a bug that needs quick attention.


  • Groudon199Groudon199 1 hour, 39 minutes, 52 seconds
    edited June 2010
    It locked up for me immediately upon choosing "Rock". I think it has something to do with there being over 100 songs in the Rock genre available in the store.
    edit: This also happens for Decades/'00s.

    There's an easy workaround, though. View "All Songs", then sort by genre, and go to "Rock".
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