Something for the PS3 RBN people

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The top 25 RBN tracks on 360 that have yet to come to PS3. This should give a good estimation of what you can expect in the coming weeks.
[*]Creed - "Higher"
[*]Texas In July - "Elements"
[*]Texas In July - "Hook, Line, and Sinner"
[*]Seether - "Fake It"
[*]Iwrestledabearonce - "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon"
[*]The Project Hate MCMXCIX - "Descend Into The Eternal Pits Of Possession"
[*]Job For A Cowboy - "Unfurling A Darkened Gospel"
[*]Quartered - "Africa"
[*]Five Finger Death Punch - "Hard To See"
[*]Scale The Summit - "The Great Plains"
[*]Sybreed - "Doomsday Party"
[*]Bang Camaro - "Swallow The Razor"
[*]Amberian Dawn - "River Of Tuoni"
[*]Seether - "Rise Above This"
[*]Terrorhorse - "Packet Flier"
[*]Heaven Ablaze - "Parhelia"
[*]Paul Henry Smith & The Fauxharmonic Orchestra - "Flight Of The Bumblebee"
[*]KMFDM - "A Drug Against War"
[*]Midnight Riders - "Midnight Ride"
[*]Evergreen Terrace - "Sending Signals"
[*]Excruciating Thoughts - "In Memory"
[*]Warpath - "Life Unworthy Of Life"
[*]bibleblack - "I Am Legion"
[*]Bang Camaro - "Bang Camaro"
[*]MC Frontalot - "Goth Girls"


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