Rockband 3 pro expert lmfao

darky2jdarky2j Opening Act
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Prepare to get own`d 0.0
Is this solo even chartable? 0.0


  • GNFfhqwhgadsGNFfhqwhgads 99% Washed Up
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    You say 'even chartable?' like it's hard to chart a real guitar part to a real guitar.
  • rjbr2000rjbr2000 Insane
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    I thought, for a minute, that this was the Crazy Train Expert Pro guitar chart... :(
  • I_Love_YouI_Love_You Road Warrior
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    The only instrument I see potential charting difficulty with is the keyboard as it's only 2 octaves... and even so they should be able to make it work
  • SethonanSethonan Rising Star
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    It's mostly pentatonic scales; "charting" the finger taps along with the slides MIGHT prove difficult, specially around the 2 minute mark and above; but not "impossible".

    so far we know the ONLY technique the Squire controller can't mimic is harmonics (ironically) everything else is fair game, it just depends if notation is programmed for such techniques as finger tapping and picking; wich in real guitar are entirely different beasts than the finger "tapping" Guitar hero players tried to do.

    Of course is chartable; technically the tapping he does on open strings could be played as "picking open strings" *shrugs* just because the guy uses different strumming techniques doesn't preclude the chords and fret presses to be unchartable.
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