Last 3 concerts you attended

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What were the last 3 concerts you attended? How good were the performances? How was the opening act? What year? Setlist quality?

My last 3 are:
2009 - Kiss - Great show, they were the headliners to a festival, all the other acts were Canadian, all pretty passable, rained all day, everybody pretty much stayed in the beer area until The Trews wound down their set. Kiss played for 2 hours and 15 minutes with literally a 3 minute break. The setlist was a mirror of Alive as it was the anniversary tour of their landmark live album, with later era songs as the encore. I was impressed as I've heard of bands half Kiss' age phoning in their performances, whereas they gave it their all (maybe it's a pride thing playing with two younger guys)

2008 - Queens of the Stone Age - Excellent show, forgettable opening act from Sweden I think, QOTSA played for an hour and a half, sounded great, very good setlist (only one song off the debut album though)

2007 - The White Stripes - Another forgettable opening act, some rockabilly guy, Jack White is a hell of a showman, he was drenched in sweat by the third song, an hour and a half show with a very good setlist, left out a few of my favorites but still an excellent show. They did a suprise show in random places in every other province (I live in Canada) but mine (New Brunswick), it was supposed to happen at a bowling alley but was cancelled for some reason.


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