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Hey everyone! I’m a HUGE Janis Joplin fan (she’s a Goddess!) – and I’ve noticed that a lot of modern artists have been covering her songs. I think this really helps her legend carry on – younger generations that may not have heard her songs, will now be exposed to her spirit! This being said, I have some friends who argue no one can sing like Janis – and they don’t support all of the covers. What do you think? Are all the covers helping or hurting Janis’ legacy?

Oh! Also, if you’re curious, my favorite Janis Covers can be seen here:

You should post your favorites, too!”


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    Personally, I am not much of a fan of Janis Joplin. However, I see no harm in others covering her work as long as it's tasteful. By doing this, you ensure that the music fan will at least want to check out the originator of the song. Case in Point, I found out about Bathory through an Emperor cover and now Bathory is one of my favorite bands.

    As for the covers you provided, the artists did do a pretty good job considering the fact that I'm not a fan of Janis' work. At least you didn't post that god-awful country cover provided by Faith Hill.
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    Sophia Ramos and yes thats Big Brother playing with her.
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