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Moony_LupinMoony_Lupin Rising Star
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I finally bought Lego: Rock Band yesterday (got it 50% off at Best Buy for $10). Anyway, I noticed that the vocal track volume is way low when more than one instrument is playing. I tried adjusting the settings, but nothing seemed to do any good. Anyone have other suggestions? This is for Wii by the way.

Also, the transition music (the music/guitar sounds that play as you navigate) is also incredibly loud. Any ideas how to turn that down without having to adjust the over all volume each time?


  • SumnaSumna Unsigned
    edited June 2010
    I found the transition music so loud and annoying that I gave up trying to get by it and just exported the tracks to Rockband 2. That fixed my volume issues, but I guess that is not an option with the Wii version.

    Did you try turning up the mic sensitivity? That usually really boosts the mic volume.
  • Moony_LupinMoony_Lupin Rising Star
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    It's not a mic/singing issue. My wife and I play the instruments and the vocal track just disappears as we play. I'll keep experimenting.
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