The underappreciated indie gems of Rock Band Network?

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So while navigating RBN the other day I came across the song "Automatic Doors" by A'tris. It stood out in my mind as one of the best new songs I've come across in ages; Just a great melody, and extremely catchy - I haven't been able to get it out of my head in days; It kind of reminds me of 'A Jagged Gorgeous Winter' (my favorite on-disc song for Rock Band 2)

Check it:

Neat video too ;

Now it's not super hard on any instrument but that's not really why I play Rock Band. I found it really fun on Drums and Guitar. The sad part - and why I'm starting this thread - it's only gotten (according to Keldon's site) maybe 200 or so downloads? This song is fantastic and I can't believe it isn't doing better.

So - what other indie songs are out there on RBN that you had never heard before and became one of your favorites? What's worth a second look or is getting overshadowed by some of the bigger (Creed / Finger 11 / Drowning Pool) acts using the network? Include a link to the song if possible.

(Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the band; Nor do I know anything else about A'Tris;)


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