Dear HMX... (a Happy 4th of July letter)

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Thanks to you, I am no longer a music noob. Today when I turned on the radio, I knew a song was by SRV even before he started singing, even without hearing that particular song before, just because I've gotten used to SRV's guitar playing style via Texas Flood. Thanks to you I knew Come Together was by The Beatles, and not some boring band. Thanks to you, I have epic battle scars called guitar calluses. And thanks to you, I am contemplating insane things like maybe learning how to dance to Lady Gaga, something a year ago I would've thought absolute ridiculousness.

But try not to get hurt when shooting off fireworks from the roof of the HMX offices this 4th of July. And don't drive and drive. I can't buy Rock Band 3 or Dance Central and continue to not be a music loser without you guys. :( *sniff*

...awww, why am I getting all serious? Make sure to BBQ up some pizza on the grills! Woo! :D

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