Vince Neil - "Tattoos & Tequila"

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This will be the first album I've ever "reviewed", so don't be surprised if it's not to good.

1.Tattoos & Tequila - The actual instruments being played aren't to bad, but aren't great. The lyrics arebn't great, and Vince's voice is fiarly annoying to listen to in this song. 4/10

2."He's a Whore" - Well it's better than "Tattoos & Tequila", but that's still not saying much. 5/10

3."AC DC" - Well Vince's voice sounds like he's a thirteen year-old girl throughout most of the song, but I guess the chorus isn't all bad. Still nothing to be jumping with joy for. 5/10

4."Nobody's Fault" - Possibly the best song I've herd so far, his voice is still kind of annoying, but oh well. 7/10

5."Another Bad Day" - This song isn't very hard rock, but almost like a pop rock. In the end it's about as good as "Nobody's Fault", still nothing great. 7/10

6."No Feelings" - Now this one I realize is a Sex Pistols song cover, but it's still not very good. Again, Vince's voice is annoying me. Oh well, definitely not the worst track I've herd. 6/10

The next half is being worked on, and I'll post later.

Please tell me watch you think, and be brutally honest please. :)


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    The title track was a free download on Amazon the other day, so I grabbed it. I didn't find it that offensive, but it's basically like a Motley Crue B-side (C-side?). The solo wasn't half bad either.

    For your review, I just have to say that track-by-track reviews aren't my personal favorite. Regardless, you should probably elaborate a bit more beyond superficial analysis and tell what the music means to you (maybe a stretch for this album, but I mean in general for reviewing). Keep at it, though.
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    Buffdog18;3823402 said:
    This will be the first album I've ever "reviewed", so don't be surprised if it's not to good.

    Please tell me watch you think, and be brutally honest please. :)
    He buff, you know any review for me is a good one, as long as there is some actual commentary and not just "What do you guys thing of {insert song here} or this sucks, or this is great, yadda yadda.

    Personally I think you have done a great job so far. I do however, would like to throw some info your way. "Research" is your best asset, and you should do a little about the one your reviewing, if you don't already know some about them. Also the songs that your reviewing, give them more than one pass-through before summing up your thoughts, unless you've already heard the album multiple times, that way you can be a little more subjective about the material.

    Lastly, and this is more focused on the album at hand, I would compare the covers on this album to the originals, since this album, save for a few tracks is just that, covers.

    Aside from my critique, you doing fine, and I expect more from you in the future. :D
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