Cant Access Rock Band Network Store

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When I try to go to RBN and view the songs, it says that i have been signed out of Xbox live and need to resign in to work. it has never logged me out, so i was wondering what do i need to do to fix this problem?


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    I can't access Top 50 or Harmonix' picks on PS3.
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    it sucks that some countries cant even go to rbn, like finland :(
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    Yes, the Rock Band Network store has some problems to it. As far as this issue is concerned, here's what I'd suggest based on personal experience.

    It would seem Rock Band 2 on 360 has a glitch that, if you have the game disc in your system when you first turn it on (or put it in before you reach the dashboard), the game will not connect you the Rock Central servers, even though it can tell that you're online. Unlike the regular music store, which you can browse even under this situation, the Rock Band Network store is not accessible.

    The way to make sure that the game logs you into its servers is to not have the game instantly load when you first turn on the console. If the disc is already in the tray, take it out before the game loads, wait until you reach the dashboard/sign-in and then put the disc back in.

    If you're not willing to take the disc out, you can also do this in-game, but it will require you to sign out of your profile and then sign in again. I'd suggest doing this on the main menu so that you can see the daily update and thus, know that it worked (as long as it's not giving you a message about your profile, it's fine). You can then access the Rock Band Network store.

    However, even after doing all this, the Rock Band Network store still won't load sometimes or will time out while browsing the store. I'd suggest then to try signing out of your profile and back in to see if that works, or perhaps try accessing the store later. Hope this helps.
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