Xbox exclusivity crap

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It is so annoying to see how many songs are available on Xbox that are not available on PS3.

All Harmonix is doing is alienating their PS3 fans. If I can't have the same content for the same game that Xbox users get then why am I being charged the same price to purchase the game.

Just makes me not want to purchase any future installments of Rock Band.

Please make better business decisions in the future.


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    I see your new here, with that young fighting kind of spirit that gives hope to the rest of us old farts.

    Trust me, HMX has made it quite clear Rock band is clearly superior when on 360 when it comes to RBN.

    Mind you, most of that blame falls on Sony, for not developing an XNA-like system that M$ has for developing user generated content and fullfledged downloadable games.

    At least count you PS3 users lucky you get even some form of RBN. Wii can't even patch or do any of the other cool stuff the multiplatform games can do. Have you seriously read the reviews on Transformers: Cybertron Adventures? Devs are lazy on Wii. All of them. Even the ones that try are just tossed in the shadows by the rest of Wii core gamers, and it pisses me off.
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    i'm also annoyed that we don't get all the RBN songs that the xbox gets, but it has nothing to do with harmonix, its sony's fault so if you're going to boycott anything boycott sony. get your facts strait before you come here and start b****ing.
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    Please read up on the hows and the whys behind the current situation and inform yourself before starting inflammatory threads.
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