First "Experimental" songs on the RBN from Seppuku With A Straw!

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Hey fellow RBN aficionados!

I'm excited to announce that a song from my experimental band, Seppuku With A Straw, is now available on the RBN for 80MSP! I guess it just takes a song/band nobody has ever heard of for it to be able to get through the whole process without ever being mentioned outside of the Creators Site. ;)

It's called "Death By Cancer"! That sounds like fun, right?

Gameplay video (courtesy of RBNPreview):

For those who want to check it out before the official store update: Full Song, Trial

There's also another song from SWAS coming to the RBN soon called "Apple Choking." Apples are dangerous.

...and did I mention "Death By Cancer" is the first song on Rock Band from 2011? From the future!

Get your time travel on.


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