rock band2 network freeze when selecting the rock catagory

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hello my name is james i am a everyday player with tons of dlc including alot of rockband 2 network dlc but me and alot of my friends are have a problem with one you of your catagorys myself among many others have been trying to get to the rock catragory in the network and every time we selcet it it freezes the game to the point of haveing to power down im not sure if i am contacting the right person or place but if that case whould you please point me in the right direction i whould to get the situation resolved so i can add most of the rock catagory in my dlc list thank you for you time and i hope you can help me


  • T-HybridT-Hybrid Washed Up
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    For now you'll have to avoid using the Rock category. I don't browse the RBN that much (traditionally use error420's site to access links), but I'm guessing it's cacking on the Rock Category because it's over 100 songs.
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