Disappointed with how "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom" was handled

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I'm putting this here for those considering downloading this song, just as a warning (also as a complaint). A minor issue I have is that, rather than the usual high-hat hits to signal the beginning of the song, the song uses "nom"s before it starts. It's cute the first time, but only the first time, and its also unnecessary, considering that the first few seconds of the song are only vocals (and the vocalist doesn't need to be able to feel to beat before going into the song), and by the time the other instruments come in, the vocals have established the beat of the song.

However, my real issue is with the fact that the vocals in the middle of the song (the ones that have eight "Nom"s per a line, rather than alternating between seven and eight per a line) were charted to the guitar. There's just no reason for that. There is guitar during that part that could have been charted instead. (And yes, I purposefully missed notes to make sure the vocals were charted to the guitar, and they were; when I stopped playing, the singing went away. I could also see the avatar of the singer hitting a tambourine during that part, and to avoid looking like an fool, I checked, and there are no vocals during that part.)

Now, just so I don't come off as a total negative Nancy, I love "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom" as a song, and still enjoy playing it, but the lack of full vocals really kills it for me. It's just disappointing.


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