D_Marc's Mainly Metal Wishlist (Bands Without Tracks Available).

D_Marc2005D_Marc2005 Unsigned
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If you second any of my choices below I'll add a smiley next to it... since banana stickers are unavailable. If you want to chime in with some of your own choices I may be swayed to add them to the list. Genre choices are also up for discussion. Any track marked with a (?) is either non-english or indecipherable to my ears.

Kekal - Subsession / Once Again It Failed
Lux Occulta - Architecture
Maudlin of the Well - Gleam in Ranks
Mr. Bungle - My @ss is on Fire
Sigh - Ecstatic Transformation
Transcending Bizarre? - Cosmic Zero Equation

Black Metal
1349 - Sculptor of Flesh
Absu - Vorago (Spell 182)
[URL=""]Ajattara - Yhdeks


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