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Hey Everyone. Sarah, Missy and Casey here.

We have Rock Band 2. We had an idea of creating a video of each of our 6 bands playing a song. We attempted to do it without sound effects, and it failed.

We are posting this because we want to find a way to make a video, showing our bands each playing a song. We have the songs all set, just need to make the videos. Here are the ideas.
  • The Avenue - Mr. Brightside
  • Parallel Loveliness - You Outta Know
  • A Grumpy Saturday - We Got The Beat
  • Crazy Tuesday - Today
  • Cosmic Cities - Baba O'Reilly
  • 3 Time Drive - Message In A Bottle
All we need is to get rid of sound effects, while hearing all band members play, and the crowd cheering.

If you guys have anything to would be nice! :D

Thanks ~ Casey, Sarah, Missy


  • DrifterUKDrifterUK Awesome Lake Ninja
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    Go to the front end menu for Rock Band 2. Scroll down to options, then in options choose Audio/Video Settings. In there, select Adjust Audio and set the Sound Effects slider to 0

    That should do it :)
  • Explosion2Explosion2 Road Warrior
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    set the sound effects slider to 0, like Drifter said.
    go into extras and turn on no fail mode (just in case, not necessary if you're confident in your singing ability), and performance mode.
    make sure you have a mic plugged in, and turn down your vocal volume (as in YOUR voice, not the original singer).
    go into tour mode, and only play as the singer.
    set up your band (including stand ins where you want them to be),
    and then pick a short make-a-setlist. doesn't matter if you've already played the setlist before.
    select the song you want, and then a short one either before/after it so you don't have to play a long song.
    make sure you're recording the gameplay!
    and then Sing on Easy and sing as good as possible. try and keep the invisible crowd meter up! get the crowd singing along!

    good luck!
  • theavenuetheavenue Unsigned
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    sorry drifter but i already attempted doing that idea. but i still could hear the sound effects.

    im having a idea of making videos, showing my bands having a concert. i have all the songs ready for each band, i can fc them (and in performance mode too!) but the main problem is the sound effects, which may interfere with the video. :(
  • Explosion2Explosion2 Road Warrior
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    I'm sure if you turn it down to 0, it'll be hardly noticeable enough to annoy people watching the video.
  • theavenuetheavenue Unsigned
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    ok. we also got this program online called reaper, would that assist me on making a video (example, like replace the sound?)
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