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This is what we are up to at ASP-Prod. Here you will find new releases, signings,contests, links and Tour info for our clients.

Website --
Songs we have out!

Mike Orlando Burn
(Damn) This Desert Air -- Ghost I OwnCosmic TribeAll I Want
Scotty Don't [B]Refugee
Mile Marker Zero[/B] Laceration
Kataklysm -- Determined --
Noah Engh Buy You A House --
OWL-- Violent Center --
Ashland Court -- Hell's Sweet Hands --
The Fire Violets -- Fence Jumper --
Charlie Drown -- Crazy X ---
Ronald Jenkees -- Guitar Sounds
OWL - Charmed (featuring Chris Wyse of the Cult,Dan Dinsmore of the Clay People and Jason --YHS) --
Hyro Da Hero -- Dirty South Rock --
Hyro Da Hero -- Lights Outs--
Me Talk Pretty -- Wake Up --
Moving Picture Show -- Perfect World --
Mile Marker Zero -- A Thousand Nights --
C.J. Ramone -- Why---
Your Horrible Smile -- A Shot At The Title --
The Fire Violets -- Dead To The World-- Featuring Joe Daniels from Local H, and Chris Dye from Gordan and Dashboard Prophets
Solarcade -- Rise--
C.J. Ramone -- Do It To Me --

In Testing
Cosmic Tribe -- All I Want --
Silent Descent -- Beyond Grey --
The Hitman Blues Band -- 2 Minute Warning --
Deadlock -- The Brave/ The Agony Applause --
Arkaea -- Gone Tomorrow --
Mike Orlando -- Burn--
Kataklysm -- Numb --
Kataklysm -- At The Edge --
The Fire Violets -- Hook Line & Sinker --
Mile Marker Zero -- Laceration --
Moving Picture Show -- Bridge to Far
God in a Machine -- You Don't Know Me --
Grieve For Tomorrow-- Beauty is Decieving --
Terra Terra Terra -- Transmissions Lost --
Scotty Don't -- Refugee --
Dirty Filthy Mugs -- Another Round --
Sabrosa Purr -- Fashion Kills --
Fear if Water -- Firewall --
Sonata Arctica -- Flag in the Ground

Basement Records
Dyskfunctional Records LCC
Nuclear Blast
Relapse Records
Stand and Deliver Records


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    broncosfan06;3846720 said:
    Then you should say in large bold letters on your site that those songs were not authored by you guys, you didnt even list the authoring studio that did them.

    I would suggest having something like an "our friends songs" page, listing the songs by other companies ALONG WITH the name of the company that authored them.
    At best he is advertising and selling his competitors' songs. I don't see how he benefits.

    I think you could have pointed out his mistake without assuming the worst case scenario.
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    Apples;3847292 said:
    At best he is advertising and selling his competitors' songs. I don't see how he benefits.

    I think you could have pointed out his mistake without assuming the worst case scenario.
    because then other bands looking to be on RBN might think they authored those songs as choose them as their authoring studio based (at least partially) off of that
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    The important thing is that it's getting fixed. As soon as our webmaster is available the site will make sure those songs are labeled as being from another authoring group and Raymond's blog will either get taken down or will be changed.
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    Echozone, Fastball, and ASP proudly announce a partnership to bring some amazing European talent to Rock Band.

    Pump, Cosmic Tribe and Cancer will be the first three acts to hit tht Rock Band Network.



    Cosmic Tribe --COSMIC TRIBE thats New Rock/Heavy Grunge Rock mixed with straight stoner Rock'n Roll, packed in a powerful, modern sound garb, with danceable grooves and earcatching melodies.

    COSMIC TRIBE do not copy the modern day alternative / indierock / crossover / NuMetal sounds. They create their own sound, where you can hear influences from 80s hard rockers like Billy Idol to modern day heavy rock bands. COSMIC TRIBE were founded in 1999 and published five records since 2000. Beside live gigs all over germany, the two pairs of brothers toured three weeks in Houston, TX! Bromme joined the band in 2005. COSMIC TRIBE supported PERSONA NON GRATA (Ex-Kyuss), MOTHER TONGUE and SUB7even &

    Cancer -- CANCER is the newest project of Joel Bader from the Swiss city of Basel. This band is not even around for a year and they already had their first tour and released their first album called "FAMILY, MUSIC, ME". The album has been recorded and co-produced by Clemens Matznick (Donots, Guano Apes, Revolverheld, Rammstein, etc. ). Followed by their next tour with HEYMIKE! and THE CASTING OUT in May 2010

    Pump -- After releasing “Against Everyone’s Advice” (2004) and “Breakdown To Breakthrough” (2006), PUMP - coming from the area around Stuttgart/Germany - are back with their third album “Sonic Extasy”.
    Since 2001 PUMP play solid hard rock in the tradition of bands like Dokken, Skid Row and Tesla, celebrating the 80ies rock sound. Their solid and steadily growing fan base just loves them. PUMP got a lot of attention from the media and rock icons like Axel Rudi Pell and Queensryche personally invited them to play as a support act on their tours in 2005 and 2004 respectively. PUMP have already played many shows and festivals in nearly every European club with bands like Shakra, U.D.O., Saidian, UFO or Vengeance. Like every other ambitious rock band PUMP do feel at home on stage.
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    ASPRon;3850873 said:

    Pump -- After releasing “Against Everyone’s Advice” (2004) and “Breakdown To Breakthrough” (2006), PUMP - coming from the area around Stuttgart/Germany - are back with their third album “Sonic Extasy”.
    Never heard of them before, and I live just about 50 miles from Stuttgart... but I actually like what I hear on their site...

    Will be looking forward to the RBN releases...
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    Some more new acts on there way as ASP and Masquerade will be each working with other to bring some great bands to the RBN! All 3 acts are on the Warped Tour this Year~

    American Sixgun-- In a world where new, mediocre bands are trying to call what they play “rock music”, American Sixgun sought to bring the real thing. With their brand of Rock, Southern, Blues and Metal, the band pays homage to the classic rock bands that inspired them while looking towards the future making their own place in today’s rock world. American Sixgun formed in the spring of 2009. They signed to Eulogy Recordings (Red/Sony) only five weeks later and spent the summer of 2009 touring on the Vans Warped Tour and supporting tour dates with Bayside in the fall of 2009. ASG released their debut CD on Eulogy on November 24th 2009. American Sixgun will release a double EP "Gypsy Circus & The Southern Wind – Vol. I & II" summer of 2010 on Masquerade Recordings (ADA/Warner). They will be returning to the Vans Warped Tour for 2010 as well as being featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming video game "Nail'd" (Deep Silver/Techland).

    His Name Was Iron --- Spreading the seeds of positive rock and roll vibrations throughout the universe, His Name Was Iron is a force to be reckoned with! Partying hard and rocking even harder, the band has been to hell and back to bring the world what it needs; Southern Party Metal. Bust out the red meat, cheap beer and shield your daughters eyes from the brilliant, blinding awesomeness eminating from the souls of these 5 fine gentlemen. Hailing from the home of Southern Rock, Jacksonville, Florida the band consists of Ryan Porter on vocals, Evan Paluszynski on guitar and vocals, Shaun Taunton on drums, Josh Scott on guitar and Adam "Dutch" Silk on bass.
    They formed in late 2008 by playing shows in Jacksonville and with a great reception they decided to put out a self titled EP in October 2008. Shortly after this release they had an amazing oppurtunity to play Planetfest 9, an outdoor radio festival held annually in Jacksonville. Fast forward another year and the band has made some positive lineup changes bringing in Josh Scott in on guitar and Adam "Dutch" Silk on bass and moving Ryan Porter from guitar to lead vocals.
    With this lineup solidified the band decided to ink a deal with Masquerade Recordings/Warner Music Group and began writing and recording their first record, "Chariots For Hire" due out August 10th 2010. The band will be hitting East Coast dates on the 2010 Warped Tour this summer from July 18 - 26, so keep an eye out for them and for their debut record "Chariots For Hire".

    Kelsey and the Chaos -- If Kelsey and the Chaos has yet to infiltrate your iTunes Library, then you are definitely missing out. The pop/rock act from New York City formed in spring of 2008, and since then has compiled quite an impressive list of accomplishments and accolades. In 2009 the band was featured as one of Alternative Press Magazine’s “100 Bands You Need To Know in 2009”. They toured with such bands as Forever the Sickest Kids, The White Tie Affair, and countless others, as well as being featured on Warped Tour 2009 on the Kia/Kevin Says Stage. The buzz around the band caught attention Raleigh, NC’s Tragic Hero Records, who signed the band in May of 2009. The band is currently writing for their next album, as well as touring endlessly in support of their August 2009 released “Shut Up and Deal”. “Shut Up and Deal” is available now through all digital media outlets.
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    3 Grieve for Tomorrow songs have been picked for RBN
    Stand Up Step Down
    No More Lies
    Beauty Is Deceiving

    Grieve for Tomorrow is a Hard-Striving, Hard hitting and Dedicated group from Los Angeles looking to reach their dreams of playing music for a living.
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    Cant wait for Deadlock, Silent Descent and Arkaea!!! When will they be published?
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    Out today OWL -- Charmed

    Owl is a rock band featuring three exceptionally talented rock musicians who have joined together to create something that is more than the sum of its individual parts. The band is a collaboration between bassist/singer Chris Wyse (The Cult), drummer Dan Dinsmore (The Clay People), and guitarist Jason Mezilis (Your Horrible Smile). Wyse and Dinsmore met growing up in New York and have now realized their dream of playing in a band together. Local Los Angeles luminary Mezilis rounds out the line-up.
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    Jason Achilles Mezilis of OWL will be performing this Saturday night w/ Moving Picture Show in Long Beach, opening for Vato Negro at The Prospector :)

    2 RBN artist sharing the stage good times!
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    heyyyy Kelsey and The Chaos :D I saw them at Warped
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    Ronald Jenkees -- Guitar Sounds out today

    This link for Me Talk Pretty should work --
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    Sabrosa Purr- Fashion Kill just loaded up for testing!

    Sabrosa Purr are a genre-defying band from Los Angeles, California, composed of Will Love, Jeff Mendel and Angie Mattson. They released their self-produced d
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    Fear of Water-- Fire Wall heading to Rockband from ASP-Prod

    Fear of Water is a powerful rock band based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their influences include Sevendust, Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, many of the early 90s grunge bands, and many of today's great hard rock acts. There EP was recorded at Axis Studios in Milwaukee and mastered at Master Minds Productions by Grammy winning engineer Trevor Sadler. Fear of Water has a unique heavy, yet melodic style that is at the same time radio friendly and a bit off the beaten path. The members of Fear of Water have high aspirations for their music and hope to share it with as many people as possible. With years of gigging down and even more shows to come, Fear of Water is sure to be playing in your area in the very near future. Please give a few songs a listen - if you're a rock lover, you won't be disappointed.

    Read more:
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    Some new songs heading in to production this week

    God in a Machine -

    WE ARE THE END OF DAYS Words that have rang clear in the heads of the underground scene for the past few years, a warning of sorts of things to come. God in a machine started in 1994, when front man (4) and now ex guitarist Enoch decided to start making music. Years later the band has become more than a music project it has become a music monster. The band has remained underground for years, keeping them selves from the general public, but now the monster is begining to crawl from its hole and soon the world will scream its name.


    Brand new song called "Push" from Reverend H Chronicles
    Which there song Daughter happens to be in the RBN already!
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    New band we will be working with heading to the RBN The Skank Agents.

    The Skank Agents are a 7 piece Ska band from sunny San Diego Ca. They began playing music back in 2004 when we were freshman in high school. They went though quite a few lineup changes and finally found a solid group of guys in 2006. Since then they have been working on developing a unique sound that incorporates many different genres of music. At the present time almost all of them are majoring or minoring in music in college. They are working on getting out of San Diego on a tour by summer 2010. If you want to know more about them feel free to ask they are always down to talk to people. Let them know what you think about there music! OH and if you like them then help spread the word about them to your friends and family and everyone...any questions about anything just ask...oh and if you can check out and add our friends over at SKANK OUT that would be cool, they do a lot for us and the scene as a whole. stay classy

    They will be touring thru August as well!
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    Sin Theorem heading to the RBN from ASP-Prod

    SIN THEOREM is an explosive and arrogant metal force forming from the ruins of four locally successful bands. From founder Ronnie Lee Graham’s ten years as the drummer of west coast’s progressive metal band “Fury” and “The Anvil Chorus” in the early to late ‘90’s, selling out shows from LA’s Whiskey-A-Go-Go to Phoenix Arizona’s Electric Ball Room and the Mason Jar; selling 10,000 copies of their first record with out label support comes a modernized sledgehammer savior to implement the ways of old without error.

    The technical and down right brutal drumming style of Ronnie Lee Graham in addition to his, and the rest of the bands, patience and dedication makes him the backbone and foundation of SIN THEOREM. With a size 14 shoe, he hits a heavy bass drum kick!

    In the center of the SIN THEOREM spotlight, is the intense vocalist Chad Miller. At 6’5” he’s hard to miss and in your face. Chad commands the stage and his every move is watched intensely. Chad was born to entertain and will leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets.

    The guitarist's that fronts SIN THEOREM’s assault of heart stopping low end riffs and melodious runs is Tony Massey and Alex Diesel As musicians and friends they blend perfectly w/ Chad in their music and passion for playing their music for the masses at large.

    SIN THEOREM could not properly operate without a proficient bassist to hold down the thick and thunderous rhythm section. Peg-Leg Petey Pedula, also of Lungwurm, is an essential part of the musical development and the oil through SIN THEOREM’s gears.

    Collectively, SIN THEOREM in current and past projects have opened up for bands such as Powerman 5000, Mushroomhead, ZEKE, Kittie, Fates Warning, Megadeth, Testament, Slashes Snake Pit, Sex Slaves, Hemlock, In This Moment, Goatwhore, Cannibal Corpse, Yngwie Malmstein, Bobaflex, Corrosion of Conformity,Dope,Mower,Straight Line Stitch, and many more.

    SIN THEOREM provides an outstanding live show, which excites, stimulates, and moves the audience. SIN THEOREM is as exciting to watch as they are to hear. SIN THEOREM is five gifted artists doing what they do best - making timeless music.

    SIN THEOREM is ready to take their musical careers to the next level and show the world the new face of metal music. It’s a bold and clich
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    Looking forward to the Skank Agents song(s). Always happy to hear about ska bands coming to Rock Band.
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    Mike Orlando -- Burn from Sonic Stomp II in testing now

    Mike Orlando is a guitarist/artist that fronts Mike Orlando’s Sonic Stomp instrumental band and has released his debut
    instrumental CD Sonic Stomp to worldwide critical acclaim and will release Sonic Stomp II in early to mid 2010. There will
    be a number pf phenomenal guest artists featured on Sonic Stomp II which include: Michael Romeo (Symphony X), Shane
    Gibson (Korn), Mike Pinella (Symphony X) and Joe Stump. Sonic Stomp II features World Renowned Drummer
    Extraordinare John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmstenn,TNT, James Labrie-Dream Theater, Tony Harnell, Ark..) & Lenny Rocillo
    on bass. Along with release of Sonic Stomp II, there will be a Sonic Stomp live performance DVD filmed & released in the
    end of 2010. It will include songs from the debut CD & the upcoming Sonic Stomp II, as well as many extras.Mike was selected as a Top Ten Finalist Worldwide for Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Superstar of the Year 2008 from
    thousands of passionate guitarists worldwide. Since being selected, he has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine several
    times and is very proud to be associated with Guitar Player Magazine..Sonic Stomp was Mike’s debut CD as an
    instrumental artist. The twelve tracks take the listener from raging over the top guitar playing with sheer finesse and
    lightening speed to beautiful ballads with great emotional feel and everything in between.

    Most of Mikes work will be heading to the RBN.
    As well as a little contest when each of the 1st 3 songs are released. Details on ASP-Prods website.
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    ASP-Prod will be bringing Oscar and Grammy winning singer/muscian/songwriter/producer Roman Klun to the Rockband Network.

    was in the hot seat on many projects that became industry Winners and Nominations at the
    Grammy's, Juno's, Genie's, Gemini's, JPF's, and the Unity Awards, and, was recognized by the AES (Audio Engineering Society) for his work in 5.1 Surround Sound. By invitation, RK has Juried industry Producer/Songwriter Panels, Engineering Panels, and more recently the New York VIP Jury for the Celebrated and World Renown Painter/Artist Mark Kostabi and his TV Show, "Title This". A SONGWRITER, RK has recently completed his 3rd solo album entitled, "KINGSWAY" predominantly written in the French Quarters of New Orleans, with further shaping in Toronto, Paris, Austria, England, Ukraine, San Francisco, New York City & Woodstock, NY... This tour de force will be released at a showcase in New York in the coming months (TBA). We have posted Four of the Eleven songs here on myspace as a preview of the great song-writing, producing and engineering craft that RK has defined over the years. Feel free to read the "LIFE & TIMES" Blog for further information and go to for a complete discography; RK - is an AES / AFofM / BMI / SOCAN member.
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    New talent heading to the RBN from ASP-Prod
    The Nervous Wreckords! full CD !

    After 3 albums, 4 EP's, and 5 years of extensive international touring as a co-singer/guitarist/songwriter of LOUIS XIV, Brian Karscig met Anthony Saffery (producer and member of UK band Cornershop) in 2008 when having a drink in a hotel bar before a gig in Cambridge, MA.
    Karscig explains 'I've always been a fan of Cornershop. I loved their ‘Brimful of Asha’ song and video, and have seen Anthony playing sitar with Noel Gallagher on a Beatles tribute performance on the BBC. We started chatting and hit it off that evening. We kept in touch via email and phone, and would regularly send each other mixes from bands we were respectively producing, and really appreciated what the other was bringing to the sound of the songs. Soon after, I sent him some songs I had been recording, and he loved them! We started working on some tracks together by sending hard drives of files across the country. I love the club/eastern/beat element Anthony does creatively and really wanted to incorporate that into the new music.’ The result: The Nervous Wreckords were born in June 2009.
    Karscig and Saffery finished five songs together in Cambridge, MA at the famous Camp St. Studios (Radiohead, Pixies, Lemonheads, etc.) and released THE NAILBIGHTER EP, a collection of songs that infuse dance/club beats with rocking 70’s glam guitar riffs, in December 2009. The EP features Karscig on vocals, guitars, and pianos, Saffery on break beats and synths, as well as friends gathered from years of touring (Mark Maigaard /Louis XIV, Ray Suen/The Killers, Mark Stoermer/The Killers, and Steve Smith/Dirty Vegas). In support of the EP, The Nervous Wreckords toured with The Killers and played shows at CMJ 2009 in NYC and SXSW 2010.
    The Nervous Wreckords are now looking forward to 2010 and the release of their full-length debut, VALUMINIUM. The album features more of the lyrically clever songs, beats, and catchy guitar riffs that The Nervous Wreckords fans have grown to love.
    'I want to make records that I want to listen to everyday, have fun and continue being our own ‘favorite band’. The album and the EP are a dying art, and I plan to do my part to keep making them in a way that a collection of songs identify us as artists rather than just a “single”. I want to keep making music that challenges us to grow, and go new places artistically, but that is also still fun, relatable, and that everyone can dance to.***.’ b. karscig.
    Brian Karscig – Guitar/Vocals/Pianos
    L. Matheson-guitar
    M. Gorney-keys/synths
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    Hey guys, Kario here with ASP to bring you some great news. Not right now, but in a little while.
  • bwschulzebwschulze Rising Star
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    Kariodude;3911131 said:
    Hey guys, Kario here with ASP to bring you some great news. Not right now, but in a little while.
    So what is your definition of "a little while"?
  • ThatAuthoringGroupThatAuthoringGroup Numero Uno Super **** Fanboy #1
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    If what I saw elsewhere was the news you are referring to then congratulations guys!

    You'll be getting a metric butt ton of my money in the near future ;)
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    Kario here with some exciting news! ASP and Relapse will be working together to bring some more amazing acts to the Rock Band platform. We don't want this to turn into a request thread, but feel free to let us know how this news makes you feel on the inside. For more information on ASP, Relapse, or myself, check out the following links.

    Relapse Records Official Website

    ASP Official Website

    Raymond Herrera's Official Website

    ASP's YouTube Channel

    Kariodude's Twitter

    ASP's Twitter

    Stay tuned for another label announcement soon. It'll be "radioactive" I can assure you!
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    The Dillinger Escape Plan

    that is all.
  • DragoonXDDragoonXD Road Warrior
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    Great news. Baroness and/or Mastodon would be awesome, but I don't wanna turn this into a request thread. ;)
  • XenigmaXenigma Opening Act
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    Ah, so you're the group with Relapse. Congrats! Now, please, let's get some Mastodon on RBN. While we can't have anything recent, the prospect of songs like Blood and Thunder, Iron Tusk, and March of the Fire Ants is terribly exciting. :)

    (Also, still looking forward to any news on Deadlock and Silent Descent. ;) )
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