The Beatles: Rock Band 2 - CaptainKicker's 50 Song List (New Venues)

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The Beatles: Rock Band 2, with piano and pro-guitar support, will be an updated version of The Beatles: Rock Band. There is added 3 new venues, 2 venues has been removed (but they still work with the songs from TB:RB 1) and there will still be dreamscapes. Every song from TB:RB will work + DLC.

[CENTER]Set List (50 songs)[/CENTER]

Singles (8 songs)

She Loves You [K.B. Hallen Gardens]
This Boy [K.B. Hallen Gardens]
Long Tall Sally [Candlestick Park]
She's A Woman [Candlestick Park]
We Can Work It Out [Dreamscape]
Rain [Dreamscape]
Lady Madonna [Dreamscape]
Hey Jude [Dreamscape]

Please Please Me (3 songs)

Anna (Go To Him) [The Cavern]
Please Please Me [The Cavern]
P.S I Love You [The Cavern]

With The Beatles (4 songs)

It Won't Be Long [K.B. Hallen Gardens]
All My Loving [K.B. Hallen Gardens]
Don't Bother Me [K.B. Hallen Gardens]
Rollover Bethoven [K.B. Hallen Gardens]

A Hard Day's Night (3 songs)

I Should Have Known Better [BBC Studios]
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You [BBC Studios]
And I Love Her [BBC Studios]

Beatles For Sale (3 songs)

No Reply [K.B. Hallen Gardens]
What You're Doing [K.B. Hallen Gardens]
Honey Don't [K.B. Hallen Gardens]

Help! (3 songs)

Help! [Shea]
The Night Before [Shea]
Yesterday [Candlestick Park]

Revolver (5 songs)

I'm Only Sleeping [Dreamscape]
She Said She Said [Dreamscape]
Good Day Sunshine [Dreamscape]
For No One [Dreamscape]
Tomorrow Never Knows [Dreamscape]

Magical Mystery Tour (5 songs)

Magical Mystery Tour [Dreamscape]
The Fool On The Hill [Dreamscape]
Your Mother Should Know [Dreamscape]
Strawberry Fields Forever [Dreamscape]
Baby You're A Rich Man [Dreamscape]

The Beatles (White Album) Side 1 (5 songs)

Glass Onion [Dreamscape]
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da [Dreamscape]
Hapiness Is A Warm Gun [Dreamscape]
Piggies [Dreamscape]
Don't Pass Me By [Dreamscape]

The Beatles (White Album) Side 2 (3 songs)

Mother Nature's Son [Dreamscape]
Sexy Sadie [Dreamscape]
Cry Baby Cry [Dreamscape]

Yellow Submarine (1 song)

Only A Northern Song [Dreamscape]

Let It Be (5 songs)

Two of Us [Dreamscape]
Across The Universe [Dreamscape]
Let It Be [Dreamscape]
One After 909 [Rooftop]
The Long And Winding Road [Dreamscape]

Encore/Game Ending (2 songs)

Real Love [Dreamscape]
Free As A Bird [Dreamscape]

Fix's (Total: 6)

Eleanor Rigby (Revolver) replaced by Good Day Sunshine (Revolver)

Misery (Please Please Me) replaced by Anna (Go To Him) (Please Please Me)

I've Just Seen A Face (Help!) replaced by No Reply (Beatles For Sale)

When I Get Home (A Hard Day's Night) replaced by What You're Doing (Beatles For Sale)

All Together Now (Yellow Submarine) replaced by Honey Don't (Beatles For Sale)

Penny Lane (Magical Mystery Tour) replaced by Baby You're A Rich Man (Magical Mystery Tour)

What do you guys think? I've made it so the venues is correct with the songs, and yes i added the danish concert.

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