Please Help My School Earn $50,000! Easy!

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My former grade school (I'm in High School now) has been accepted in a Pepsi Challenge, which gives $50,000 to the programs that get in the top 10 in amount of votes. This money will help us to keep our extra curricular activities (Band, Sports, etc.), because currently we have to get rid of all of them next year to save money due to the economy.

If you could please take the time to sign in or sign up (it doesn't take long) and vote for us, and then 9 others of your choice, that would be great. You can vote for 10 programs a day, through the month of July. This would help us keep School Band, which is a great way to introduce kids to music, like it did for me. I am just trying to get as many votes for my old school district as possible. Thanks.


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