Need crash course on Umphrey's McGee...

mjlambert1mjlambert1 Road Warrior
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These guys are coming to a local show and I was hoping someone here could help me. I have never heard any of their music. Could someone name me an album or songs as a starting point?


  • WhiteManJohnsonWhiteManJohnson Opening Act
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    Out of the albums I've listened to I enjoyed Anchor Drops and Local Band Does O.K. the most. They pull off their nerdy prog yet somehow joyful stoner jam band feel quite well. The main complaint as to why I'm not a bigger fan of this band is because of the weak vocals. (What progressive rock band doesn't have a vocalist that irks listeners?) I have never listened to any of their live albums or been to a show of theirs, but I have heard some live material on Sirius XM's Jam On channel and I typically do lean towards it over the studio stuff. I surely wouldn't pass up the chance of seeing them live as long as the price was reasonable
  • killer_roachkiller_roach Washed Up
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    Local Band Does O.K. is probably my favorite of theirs, but I've yet to really encounter anything of theirs I genuinely didn't like. You may want to sample stuff from various albums; being a progressive jam band, they will give you a handful of different looks from album to album (or even song to song).
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