Xbox License Transfer Causes Some RBN Songs to Dissapear

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I thought I would warn anybody that has purchased a new Xbox and has had to do the stupid license tranfer that it appears there are some weird issues with some of the RBN songs. This is the second time I have had issues with RBN songs not being recognized by my Xbox. I have had 2 seperate, but similar issues and I thought the community (and Harmonix) might want to know about it.

Issue 1 - A couple months ago I had what can only be discribed as a currupted Rock Band 2 save file where I lost access to all my DLC until I connected my Xbox back up to Xbox Live again (I disconnect from xbox live often to run Rock Band Bar Nights. At home I am always connected to Live). After I connected to Live, access to the DLC magically became available again when I was offline. My save file had started over from scratch so all of my characters and money earned where gone but access to all DLC was allowed again while offline. All accept for a handfull of RBN songs, most notably the Faux Harmonix Orchastra stuff. I tried everything including deleting and redownloading the missing tracks and they still where not available. That is until about a week after it happened, the missing songs appeared on the set list again as if there was never a problem in the 1st place :confused: I had done nothing different and made no other attempts to recover them, the just appeared and I have had no other problems since.

Issue 2 - Last night I purchased the new Xbox 360 (slim). I did the license transfer without any problems and spent the rest of the evening re-aquiring the "rights" to all my DLC content. Anyone who has had to do the transfer will know what I am talking about. I've done it 3 times so feel like a pro :p . So I am checking through my Rock Band DLC to make sure everything works ok and wouldn't you know it... Same missing RBN content as in issue 1! Along with another song I just recently bought "Buster Voodoo". To make it even weirder, another song I bought on the same day as "Buster Voodoo" ("Bright Side of Life") is in the set list and works without any problems. I am going to wait a while and see if they happen to re-appear like the missing tracks did with the 1st issue and I will update this post.

Now, this isn't happening with all of the RBN songs that I have purchased (around 70+) just a handfull and I didn't realize until typing this out that the missing tracks all have something in common... no vocal parts (or other instruments missing). That may be the key to the file being weird?!

So there is a long winded warning to anyone that may have to go through the "Rights tranfer process". Has anyone else had this happen yet?


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    I signed in yesterday to check the "missing" RBN songs and wouldnt you know... the missing songs where back in their rightful place and fully playable online or offline. I was missing a total of 7 songs which is exactly how many RBN songs I have that are lacking vocals or an instrument. Further strengthining my theory that missing instruments causes a memory glitch/delay.

    So I guess the info to take away from this post is: If you have to to a license transfer (or have memory issues) on your Xbox, and you notice some RBN songs are'nt appearing on the set list, give your Xbox sometime to think about it. The Xbox will eventually realize that those are awesome songs that you really want to play and it will put them back on your set list when it feels like it :p
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