Mislabel RAGE!!!

RobosaurusRobosaurus Unsigned
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one of the songs is said to have been written in 2011. WTF!?!
Asking Alexandria is said to be from the United States. THEY'RE FROM THE MF'N UK!! GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And that was my rage. Plz post yours.:)


  • FairwoodStudiosFairwoodStudios Road Warrior
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    The year is year of release, not year of composition. If it's a single or otherwise unreleased, then yea it goes back to composition, but you can have songs from 'the future'. Get Clean is from 2009, when RB2 was released in 2008. Valleys of Neptune is listed as 2010 and Hendrix passed decades ago.

    My only annoyance on that is when the year for the same album is inconsistent. Usually it's just an error on one song but it still bugs me at times.

    (And as for country of origin, we don't see that in the site so we don't know if someone mixed that up.)
  • XenigmaXenigma Opening Act
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    2011 would be Magnet's song, and that's because he's supposed to be releasing the album in 2011. Country thing is unfortunate, but as Fairwood said, we can't see that on Creators.
  • DaytmanDaytman Road Warrior
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    Asking Alexandria's record label is based in the US, as is the band.
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