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Hey there! Got a message from Ehfahq that he's not able to update the previous thread any longer and he's asked me to fill in for him. Rather than update a single post from the previous thread, and seeing as how the Our Favorite Drum Charts thread was already a 2.0, here's 3.0 for you all.

***UPDATED: 06-08-11***
If there's a song you have in mind that you're looking for on our list, use the "find on Page" or similar function on your web browser to scan the entire page for the song you're seeking, it's usually "Ctrl + F". We are adding x2 Bass Pedal songs to the list and they are in a different list entirely from the normal Tiers below. It's ont confusing at all, trust me. Ask us and we'll help you out.

Here's a recap of the latest updates to this thread:
I've removed the color-coded font that would tell you if a certain song was available for multiple platforms. It was an unfortunate decision to remove them, forgive me, I miss the colors too. I'm looking towards the future where all RBN tracks will be available to everyone, and it is a wonderful future indeed.
I've added new YouTube channels to the list of recommended pages and I've replaced many old videos with updated links to videos recorded with RB3 and we are also adding mostly Pro Drums charts now, though we still enjoy the RBN1 content. :D

If you are unsure if a song is available on your platform of choice, I strongly urge you to use the resources at hand (Rockband.com) and search for the song page which will give you all the info you need, minus the videos, which we've lovingly added to the list below this post for your reference.

If you would like to contribute to this thread, I'd be happy to add your suggestions to these following posts. Please submit your suggestions using the following format in your post:

Song Title - Band Name - Genre - Drum Difficulty Tier

Also note if the submission is Pro Drums or not if it's from before the RBN2 hit.

Here's a link to a very handy thread on the RBN forums for those of you drummers who want to know which RBN tracks are charted properly for Pro Drums mode. Pro Drums were not officially supported in the first incarnation of the Rock Band Network until at a later time. This link should help you in your confusion until HMX has a handier way to solve this issue.
RBN Songs With Pro Drums UPDATE:05-02-11: I've fixed the borked link. All good now. :D

***NEW: 06-09-11***
I have added a list for (x2 Bass Pedal) charts beneath the T6 (Devil Tiered) songs. The format is mostly unchanged unless you use a splitscreen method to display the original chart alongside the x2 chart. This is a first, so please hear me out while we are testing these out. Use my template as usual, just make sure you list the proper Drum Tier with the song and I'll take it from there and toss it in the list.

***UPDATED: 06-08-11***

Can't find a chart in this list? Here's a few youtube channels that I recommend you check out: Please subscribe to them!
Corporalgregg Dogmatic2120
NoThru22 <--- Pro Drum charts available</font>
TheSmapti weirdphilp<--- Pro Drum charts available</font>
RBNPreview < --- Full Band Preview videos, approved by our community of RBN authors.

Also, lemme know if you see any dead links and feel free to add any suggestions, just like in the previous thread. ;)

***UPDATE: 06-24-11***

The video for "The Deceiver" by I am Abomination has been replaced with a Pro Drums video.
The video for "Done" by The Giraffes has been replaced with a Pro Drums video.
The video for "Ultimate Showdown (RBN Mix)" by Lemon Demon has been replaced with a Pro Drums video.
The deleted video for "Africa" by Quartered has been replaced with the new (RB3 Version) video with Pro Drums.

More (x2 Bass Pedal) charts are being added.

The links for my own videos in Tiers 0 through 1 have been updated with the newer videos I recorded using RB3 late in December. I can procrastinate if I want to, can't I? :p


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