The Rest of Meridional?

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When I saw that a Norma Jean song came out I was excited, especially because it was a new song coming out just before the new album. In the next couple of days two more songs came out from the new album, and the three released songs just happened to be the first three songs from the album. I bought the new album and all the songs and I have to say it's all Norma Jean's best work. I was wondering if anyone knows if we're getting the rest of the album? I would LOVE to play "The People Who Surround You on a Regular Basis" and "A Media-Friendly Turn For The Worse".


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    I helped work on those songs (those are my venues, sorry for abusing the photocopy filter), so I can tell you that at the moment, it's just those three. While it's cool that some artist's are getting whole albums out there (Amberian Dawn & Morgawr), Norma Jean just isn't one of them, at least as far as I know. The songs are pretty much promotional, handed to us by Razor & Tie to get to the store in time for the album, which thankfully we did. If you enjoyed them, great for us (Noisy Puppet). If it got you pumped for the album, great for them (Razor & Tie). That just means everyone's happy.
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    @ HauntingYourKids/Noisy Puppet Did you guys ever hear of Tragic Hero Records, see if they want to be in RBN. I sent them a message on Twitter, they're a smaller independent label and may be interested.
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    Hey thanks for the tip on Tragic Hero Records. I'll see if they're interested.
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