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OWL is a rock band featuring three exceptionally talented rock musicians who have joined together to create something that is more than the sum of its individual parts. The band is a collaboration between bassist/singer Chris Wyse (The Cult), drummer Dan Dinsmore (The Clay People), and guitarist Jason Mezilis (Your Horrible Smile). Wyse and Dinsmore met growing up in New York and have now realized their dream of playing in a band together. Local Los Angeles luminary Mezilis rounds out the line-up.

If you're only as good as the company you keep then Chris Wyse is hard rock royalty. Bassist for The Cult since 2001s "Beyond Good and Evil," 2007s "Born Into This" , into 2008. Chris has entrenched himself in the rock n roll scene with high profile gigs and fun side projects with some of rock's elite. Following work with Alice in Chains' guitarist Jerry Cantrell, Wyse played for Ozzy Osbourne and recorded "Under Cover," which was also released in the box set "Prince of Darkness."
At the urging of producer Bob Rock, Metallica invited Wyse to audition, and he can be seen in the movie "Some Kind of Monster." Chris has been Bob's "go-to" guy for several years, working for the first time on Tal Bachman's debut album, featuring the single "She's so High". Chris is also a guest with "Camp Freddy" (Dave Navarro and Matt Sorum's all-star jam band), which has a cast of musicians in one night with anyone from Linda Perry to Slash and everything in- between. Chris also was in the all-star group "Cardboard Vampyres" with Jerry Cantrell and Billy Duffy.

Dan Dinsmore got his start at the age of 12 when his Mom replaced the couch and other furniture he would wail on with an actual drum set.* Using his NY Yankees trash pail as a drum throne, he got to work becoming one of the east coasts premiere drummers.

At the age of sixteen he met Chris Wyse and the two got to work making music. Practicing every day and pushing each other to their limits, they developed their skills and impressed each other.* Shortly thereafter, East Wall was formed, a band that included both Dinsmore and Wyse.* They played gigs and toured for a few years until Wyse moved to LA and Dinsmore joined The Clay People.

The Clay People saw success with a self titled album released in 1998 through various movie soundtracks and a single off the album,* "Awake," which hit number one on the metal charts. *

Jason Achilles Mezilis is an 8-year veteran of the LA music scene, where he has performed with, produced, and recorded a number of bands in the west coast indie circuit. He is also a studio owner, and divides his time between live performance with OWL, and ongoing recording and production work. He is an accomplished pianist, having studied classically from a young age, and had only been inspired to pick up the guitar a week after his first "Van Halen" concert at the age of 16. An eventual Bachelor's in Music from the University of California, Berkeley - and a number of internships at various recording studios - led him through the streets of Oakland, San Francisco, and eventually the southland - where he now resides in Hollywood.


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