Very stupid question i can't seem to answer

de-evoprojectde-evoproject Unsigned
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So i'm new to forums and was browsing the threads about all the content on RBN and saw a lot of band i love and didn't know were on there. I see Flogging Molly, MxPx and the RX Bandits just to name a couple.

I got all excited and hopped on my Xbox as soon as i could and started looking but i can't find any of this stuff on the RBN store on my box when i go through the rock band music store dashboard app. What gives?

I've been trying to find the answer but i can't find a straight forward answer. I see where bands trying to upload there stuff and testers have to pay $99 a year to get some of this stuff but is that the same thing i have to do just to get my favorite bands' songs? Or am i totally missing something here?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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