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    I'd kind of like it if the zombie disease began mutating...I'd like to get back to the fighting zombies with a new purpose.
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    Fear the Walking Dead's mid-season finale came and went. It was a pretty good episode for Fear the Walking Dead. Still not as good as the episode with Strand's road trip with
  • Season 8 trailer from San Diego Comic Con.

    Hope ya got yer s***tin' pants on.

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    Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!
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    And we're back!

    Season 8, Episode 1. "Mercy"

    War has begun, with the Alexandrians, Hilltop and Kingdom firing the opening salvo. Count me among those who weren't fans of the time jumps -- bring Vince Gilligan on board the creative team if you're gonna do that. Also, Maggie doesn't have a baby bump yet, but Judith looks like she's ready for pre-school. But the main story beat of harnessing the undead as an asset when outmanned and outgunned came across well. 8/10

    EDIT: And also, Weird Al.

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    Finally!!!! I was so looking forward to the Premier. It didn't disappoint. Zombies...oops...I mean Walkers....Woot!
  • Man did Gabriel get screwed by that hilltop "leader" when trying to save him.

    Also, the Weird Al is a massive upgrade over that terrible song the idiot kid that got his family killed was listening to ad nausea.
  • Season 8, Episode 2. "The Damned"

    War continues on multiple fronts, with advances made by both sides. Gotta admit, did not see that ending coming (had to spin up the ol' Google machine after the reveal). Lots and lots of bullets still left this far into the apocalypse make for some Stormtrooper-esque battle scenes. This was fine. 7/10
  • Season 8, Episode 3. "Monsters"

    The casualties continue to mount and tensions between allies escalate. Much better pacing here and a neat cliffhanger to end on, as the Saviors trap is sprung. Last week's reveal seems kinda pointless now, but everything else was OK. 8/10
  • I hope the tiger is okay after the way last week's episode ended.
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    I hope the tiger is okay after the way last week's episode ended.


    Season 8, Episode 4. "Some Guy"

    The full extent of the Saviors trap is revealed as victory comes with a heavy price. The show has always been at its best when hard choices have to be made and this episode was full of them. The arc of Ezekiel bring torn down was told in similar fashion to Rick's humbling at the hands of Negan, and was done very well. Carol is still the biggest badass in this world and it'll be interesting to see what role Jerry will play going forward. Easily the best episode of All Out War so far. 9/10
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    It was a great and shocking show! loved it, and I totally agree, Carol Rocks!
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    Season 8, Episode 5. "The Big Scary U"

    The Saviors grapple with the walker invasion. Quite possibly Seth Gilliam's best episode, as Gabriel manages to coax some backstory out of Negan. They crammed a lot of subplots into this -- teasing dissension between two main characters, furthering Eugene's precarious position within the Savior hierarchy as he learns the truth about Dwight, and we can't forget about the Scavengers.
    And WTF is up with that helicopter?

    Gregory has zero value now and has to go. 7/10
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    I hate Gregory so much!!!
  • I hope the tiger is okay after the way last week's episode ended.


    That was to me the most devastating character loss on this show since
    Glenn & Abraham

    As for last Sunday's episode, I agree that Gregory is worthless as a character. Also, after seeing this episode I want to see more of Simon's back story. What is the going backwards that Negan was referring to?
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    Season 8, Episode 6. "The King, the Widow and Rick"

    The leaders regroup after the raid on the Sanctuary. Juggling multiple plot points moved this episode along, but there wasn't a whole heck of a lot of action here (although ...
    Rosita blowing up a Savior with a rocket launcher was pretty cool).

    Maggie's leadership at Hilltop is being tested, Carol gives Ezekiel a pep talk (and is probably going to get yet another kid killed) and there'd better be a good payoff to Rick's latest attempt to make peace with the Scavengers, because on the surface, this looks absurd. 6/10
  • On the plus side, Carol's going to get another kid killed.
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    Season 8, Episode 7. "Time for After"

    Big focus on Eugene and his dilemma, as he keeps Dwight's secret in case the Sanctuary falls, while at the same time trying to help Negan save the Sanctuary. Thought Josh McDermitt was pretty good here, as it reaffirmed his character's moral centre of fast-talking his way out of conflict to stay alive.

    But this episode was really dragged down by Rick's latest run-in with the Scavengers. That seemed so tacked on and pointless, seemingly the writers' excuse to get him out of the way while Daryl and Tara's plan to end the war goes awry. So I guess we get more Rick/Daryl tension and the Saviors retaliation to wrap up the first half of the season next week. 6/10

    And we still don't know what the deal is/was with that helicopter.
  • Season 8, Episode 8. "How It's Gotta Be"

    The Saviors retaliate and the show takes a major departure from the comic.

    Let's get the spoilery stuff out of the way first.

    Probably shouldn't be surprised that it's Carl going to go, as Chandler Riggs will be attending college and he recently got a haircut, plus the flashback sequence with Rick at the opening pretty much gave it away. What was disappointing was the moment where he got bit was never revealed on camera, as showrunner Scott Gimple has said it occurred in a previous episode (likely when he and Siddiq were attacked in the woods) - Gimple did say on Talking Dead that the immediate aftermath was shown.

    As with previous midseason finales, the heroes are in disarray and things look grim. Rick's second alliance with the Scavengers comes to another predictable (and pointless) end. And after eight-plus seasons and with viewership continuing to decline, I suppose they have to do something, so here we are. Thought Lauren Cohen did a really great job here, as Maggie is becoming more ruthless by the minute. The rest was pretty much by the book. 6/10

    Back Feb. 25.
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    I'm sad :'(
  • The forshadowing throughout the episode was distracting of the story.
  • And we're back.

    Season 8, Episode 9. "Honor"

    And so begins the new era. This tugged at all the emotional heartstrings it needed to, and now the task will be whether this means anything to the major players going forward and if Rick will truly keep his word. Liked the juxtaposition between Carl's plea for his father to turn back from the path of violence alongside Morgan's downward spiral to brutality.

    This seems like a two-outs, bottom-of-the-ninth swing at the fences for a home-run reason to retain the audience. Let's see where this goes. 9.5/10
  • The parts where Morgan was going full T-1000 on that savior was awesome though this seems to just be a way to write him off for a bit while he makes his cameo on "Fear The Walking Dead" during their next season.
  • Season 8, Episode 10. "The Lost and the Plunderers"

    So, the Scavengers ultimately serve as a plot point for dissension between Negan and Simon? OK, then. Unless Jadis is hiding something in that junkyard that can be used as a bargaining chip, she serves no purpose going forward, as neither side can trust her.

    We catch up with the Oceansiders and Rick and Michonne pick up the pieces following recent events. Rick and Negan's walkie-talkie conversation was very well done, quite possibly Jeffrey Dean Morgan's best work since his debut. 8/10
  • I think Jadis is hiding something there, besides appesauce that is. Not sure what it is.
  • Season 8, Episode 11. "Dead or Alive Or"

    The remaining Alexandrians arrive at Hilltop, a Savior rejoins the fold and Gabriel can't save a valuable asset. Everything kept moving forward -- Negan plotting a retaliatory attack, Maggie dealing with dwindling resources and an increase in population, Eugene continuing to worry about his place in the Savior hierarchy, etc.. This was fine. 7/10
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    Season 8, Episode 12. "The Key"

    What I liked:

    - Rick and Daryl's conversation at Hilltop. An all-too-brief glimpse at what's left of their humanity.
    - The new characters. Apparently that's
    a version of Pamela, the governor of The Commonwealth in the comics
    who looks like she's pretty well off, and there must be a reason why.

    What I didn't like:

    - Rick vs. Negan. This seemed so contrived and cartoony -- there was no way we were getting a resolution to this with four episodes left this season.
    - Simon's betrayal, if only because this likely spells the end for Steven Ogg, one of the few compelling characters left. 6/10
  • I agree, It likely looks like the end for Simon. Steven Ogg is a really good actor playing a compelling character. I hope this character doesn't bite the dust but all signs look towards this outcome by the season finale. I liked the fight itself between Neegan and Rick more for the walkers in the room and Lucile being set on fire more than anything else. That being said, if they wanted to do this as a subject for an episode they needed the entire episode to be just the two of them fighting with zombies coming in kind of like this...

  • Season 8, Episode 13. "Do Not Send Us Astray"

    The Hilltop repels the Simon-led Saviors attack, but at a heavy price. The Forbes reviewer hated this ( and while I didn't hate it as much, the overriding theme of this season is some sizzle, but no steak. 5/10

  • I liked the Zombie sleep over/feeding frenzy. Otherwise the episode was meh.
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