Getting an error in Magma created the .RBA that I really shouldn't be getting

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Just got Audition a few hours ago, and I've started created my own .rba's out of .midi's I've found.

So first I found a tutorial by Hunnybee2 on YouTube (it was awesome, it was 3 parts, and I followed it 100% step by step) but I'm still having errors when building. The only thing I didn't do was create atleast one note for each difficulty besides expert because my screen looked nothing like his on REAPER during that part. I even looked at each part in the FX tab and watched the whole song being tested in the RBN Preview box and it was 100% in sync with everything working.

Here is the error I get though, PLEASE look at it and tell me what I did wrong. You can see that "PART DRUM" is not where even in there at all, and "PART DRUMS" is. I've also looked up what could be the problem behind this and each thing that maybe I have missed I DID and I know that 100%, with the events and tracks names and all that, it is all there. Here is the pic below.

Here is the YouTube I went by step by step that I followed:


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    Um... this is for "customs" (a.k.a. songs you do not have the rights to use), right?

    If that's the case, you REALLY shouldn't even be discussing this here as what you're doing is both infringing copyrights and breaking the Programming Terms of the RBN.
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    I don't see the point of you not helping me at all though, I've been trying this for the last 3 hours and I'm getting really frustrated at a problem that REALLY shouldn't be happening.

    And also I dont see how it's "infringing rights". I'm playing this song on an Xbox, not on my iPod, and I'm the only one playing it.
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    I just realized that I forgot the put the "S" on the beginning track

    Then I build...and guess...more muthafkin errors. Except this time there is over 9000. I couldn't even fit them all on the screen. WTF is all this?
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