Can't stay longer than 30 secs on RBN Network o_O

Neomax1986Neomax1986 Unsigned
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I'm from the UK, recently when i've been trying to connect the RBN store i get disconnected within 30 secs, this doesn't give me enough time to browse. I know Harmonix are proberly busy atm updating and adding keyboard charts, but they should still find a way around this problem.

Is anyone else suffering from connection issues?

Guess it's a good thing in a way, saves me some cash.:D


  • Metal_Freak219Metal_Freak219 Rising Star
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    RBN Is working perfectly for me and I'm from Ireland, which we do not have the RBN right now, so I created a gamertag from Spain and just buy RBN songs off that and they transfer to my normal gamertag, and I was on the RBN not to long ago, and it's working perfect for me anyways.
  • weirdphilweirdphil Road Warrior
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    From the U.S. Haven't had this problem lately, but I have indeed had it happen to me before. I had given up trying to access the store until the next day after I had convinced myself that there was just too high of a volume of customers possibly. I download most song through the music page here at and the online marketplace at, unless I have a hankering to listen to the song previews then I'll use the music store in-game. Are you able to access the marketplace links from the music page on your end?
  • toolsinmindtoolsinmind Opening Act
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    this has happened to me on RBN and the main store, I normally just try and again, normally third times the charm, but i really wish i didnt have to
  • JL87 aka MaineJL87 aka Maine Opening Act
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    It's never happened to me in the regular store, but has happened before in the RBN store. I would get kicked out after about 30-45 seconds. This went on for about a week, and I just stopped going in. But I haven't had that problem lately.
  • FlyGuyLXIFlyGuyLXI Headl!ner
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    The RBN servers are terrible. Almost everytime I try to download something, I either wait 2 minutes to re-load the store, or it justs kicks me out of it. Plus it froze on me once.
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