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Okay, so I got the thumbs up from my friend's band to attempt to chart their songs in Rock Band. Actually, the whole album if I'm feeling adventurous. :)

Right now, all I have is the mp3s of the CD, but I don't think that'll work. I got a "Just tell us what you need, and you'll get it" from them, but don't know what to tell 'em. I don't think I can generate the stems to import into Reaper out of the mp3s, so I'm guessing some sort of source track. What would be the ideal thing I would need, and on the other end, what would be a "Good enough to work" thing that I could use?


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    You need separated stems in order to author properly. At the very least, a separate guitar, bass, drums, and vocals stem so each instrument cuts out properly. Depending on how well they recorded the album, you can ask for separated guitars if there's multiple guitarists / overdubs, separated drum files (one for kicks, one for snares, and one for cymbals/toms/overheads etc), separate vocal tracks if there's multiple singers, and a dry vocal track if there's any post-processing added.

    Take a look at this page on Creators for more info (if you don't have an account over there already, you need to sign up in order to view the documentation, but it's free):
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