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Hey, you may (probably not) or may not remember me posting about a band called Pilot (name change imminent) a few months ago (around april or march, about us recording and putting our music up on the Network. The time frame i thought for recording was a few weeks, but the studio we had gone with (some local rich kids) was always lagging and not wanting to record, let alone let us have any say in how we wanted our music mixed. So months passed by until a few weeks back, we met up with Tom of the band Rule 22 (you might have heard of them) and he said he would record us for a reasonable price (17 for 400 bucks, hot damn)

Long story short, the album gets finished today, and those of you who were involved with the first thread can finally hear some decently recorded Pilot. A little background info for those who weren't involved (pretty much everyone). We are Pilot, a ska/punk band from southeastern Wisconsin, though we do transcend other genre's occasionally. The band consists of Joe on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Ty on Bass and Backing Vocals and Connor on Drums. I think we're pretty good, but i hope you guys will be the real judge of that. Up on our facebook we have 2 out of the 17 songs on our album up for a teaser, the songs are called All Your Time and Drown In Moderation, if you guy s would be awesome and check it out, and leave any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. check it out here

Thank you for your time, and again, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

tl;dr = new ska/punk band, check us out, link above ^


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