Two Glass Hammer tracks now just a buck each!

MickstafaMickstafa Unsigned
edited August 2010 in The Rock Band Network
In celebration of Glass Hammer's upcoming new album "IF," we have reduced the price of their two epic prog rock tracks to just 80 MSP each! "Hyperbole" is a 7+ minute long prog giant whereas "Sleep On" is a riff-heavy crowd pleaser. $2 for 12 minutes of epic musical goodness!

Sleep On:


  • powertpowert Opening Act
    edited August 2010
    Still waiting on these two to come to PS3, hopefully it'll happen sometime soon.
  • k-mack-mac Road Warrior
    edited August 2010
    I sure hope more Glass Hammer is in the pipeline - these are 2 of my favourite songs in the RBN! (especially Sleep On)
  • JoshVanHalen87JoshVanHalen87 Road Warrior
    edited August 2010
    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, i paid 2 bucks each, not that they don´t worth it, but still.... :(
  • Starfleet_RamboStarfleet_Rambo Headliner
    edited August 2010
    I don't have "Sleep On" yet, but that'll change now! ;)
  • calabrelcalabrel Opening Act
    edited August 2010
    Seriously, we need something other than metalcore. I enjoy metalcore as much as the next person, but we, as PS3 users, are missing out on too many greats. I've been waiting for Glass Hammer and Marillion for what seems a lifetime!

    I can only hope The Flower Kings get involved with RBN one day, of course, their songs are way way way long, one being just shy of an hour.
  • jeccanekojeccaneko Headliner
    edited August 2010
    Nice. I thought they were okay when they first came out, but I never bought them and kind of forgot about them. If they're still 80 MSP by then, I might eventually pick these up. :)
  • XenigmaXenigma Opening Act
    edited August 2010
    These two songs are superb. Were definitely worth $2 as originally priced; at a dollar a piece, every prog fan on Rock Band should give them a try. ;)
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