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Has anyone ever seen this film/documentary? I know some of the singles from the film, just through hearing them from the individual artist, or just hearing them somewhere. But I've never seen this film, nor heard all the songs. Seeing as there are some pretty big artists(not just for the time, but all time) covering the beatles greats, but if anyone has seen it, it is worth a view? I "stumbled" across this. From wiki

a 1976 musical documentary that juxtaposes Beatles songs, performed by a number of musicians, with World War II newsreel footage and 20th Century Fox films from the 1940s. It lasted a week in movie theaters and was quickly sent into storage, although it did play a midnight show at Landmark's Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles in June 2007.

The original intention of the filmmakers was to use actual Beatles music in the film. The decision to use other artists covering Beatles music was made by the film's producers after they realized additional money could be made through a soundtrack album. The decision was a sound one, as the soundtrack actually generated more revenue than the film.

The film was made only six years after the Beatles had split up.

The film has never been released on home video or DVD, but bootleg copies of the film are available from several collector-to-collector resources.

"Strawberry Fields Forever" was the first solo recording by Peter Gabriel to be released after his departure from the band Genesis.

So maybe no one has seen it based on those facts. But....

Here is a list of the soundtrack.....

1. Ambrosia - "Magical Mystery Tour" -3:52
2. Elton John - "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" -6:15
* Features John Lennon (under the pseudonym "Dr. Winston O'Boogie") on lead guitar & backing vocals. The recording had previously been released as a single in 1974.
3. The Bee Gees - "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight" -3:17
4. Leo Sayer - "I Am The Walrus" -3:49
5. Bryan Ferry - "She's Leaving Home" -3:07
6. Roy Wood - "Lovely Rita" -1:13
7. Keith Moon - "When I'm Sixty-Four" -2:36
8. Rod Stewart - "Get Back" -4:24
9. Leo Sayer - "Let It Be" -3:43
10. David Essex - "Yesterday" -2:44
11. Jeff Lynne - "With a Little Help from My Friends/Nowhere Man" -6:56
12. Lynsey De Paul - "Because" -3:24
13. The Bee Gees - "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" -1:54
14. Richard Cocciante - "Michelle" -4:00
15. The Four Seasons - "We Can Work It Out" -2:39
16. Helen Reddy - "The Fool On The Hill" -3:37
17. Frankie Laine - "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" -3:27
18. The Brothers Johnson - "Hey Jude" -4:58
19. Roy Wood - "Polythene Pam" -1:30
20. The Bee Gees - "Sun King" -2:03
21. Status Quo - "Getting Better" -2:19
22. Leo Sayer - "The Long and Winding Road" -4:47
23. Henry Gross - "Help!" -3:07
24. Peter Gabriel - "Strawberry Fields Forever" -2:30
25. Frankie Valli - "A Day in the Life" -4:04
26. Tina Turner - "Come Together" -4:08
27. Will Malone & Lou Reizner - "You Never Give Me Your Money" -3:04
28. The London Symphony Orchestra - "The End" -2:26


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