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UPDATE 10/7/2010

Thanks to HMXMister_Game I have been supplied with two more XNA codes, so I am announcing two very well deserved runner-ups to the contest. They are Ryan B. and Colin L. Welcome to the playtester community guys!

Also I want to annouce that we will be doing another playtester contest in November so if you missed this one or would like to try again you will get your chance. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 10/5/2010

After receiving many really outstanding playtests the judges have turned in all of their results. Congrats to HeyRiles (Guitar) and EllipseM (Drums) for their outstanding playtests. They will each be receiving an XNA code so they can join the RBN community and beign playtesting for real.

I am trying to get a hold of another XNA code so there may be a runner-up annouced shortly. As soon as I know for sure I will update this thread.

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the contest. I wish I had more codes cause we really received some great playtests and we can definitely use the help on the creators site.

BIG thanks to all of the judges: Chil, Xenigma, FairwoodStudios, RedRockCharters, and jarr3tt88

Special Thanks to DavyinaToga for donating an XNA code as a prize


Hey everyone, I know you have come a across a song in RBN that you disagree with how it was charted. Well now is your chance to voice your opinion and become a playtester. Check this out:


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