Web Content Week of 8/14 - 8/26: Full RB3 set list, interviews, Design blog & more!

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Rock Band 3 Full Setlist! Including 83 Songs from Jimi Hendrix, Avenged Sevenfold, Paramore, Ozzy Osbourne, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Many More!

The highly anticipated soundtrack to Rock Band 3 is finally available! With the addition of three-part vocal harmonies and the keyboard peripheral to the guitar, bass, and drums we've always had, this setlist is the most diverse collection of music ever assembled for a video game.

Enter the Asylum with a Disturbed Three-Pack! Plus Singles From Veer Union, Crash Kings, and We Are The Fallen

This week we bring you a Disturbed three-pack of DLC from their brand new album Asylum, including the new single "Another Way To Die." We also have singles from Veer Union, Crash Kings, and We Are The Fallen coming to the Rock Band Music Store.

New to RBN: 8/20/10

Check out this week's new songs in the Rock Band Network including tracks from Gov't Mule, Sunny Day Real Estate, and more, plus Scale the Summit and Lemon Demon for PlayStation 3!

Too Risque for the Coffee Shop: An Interview with The New Pornographers

Web plumber, HMXlame-o, gets a chance to meet and talk with one of his favorite bands, The New Pornographers, while they were on tour to support their new album, Together.

John Drake: The Main Drag, RBN, and Promotions at 30,000 Feet, Part II

HMXHenry continues his chat with John Drake, Harmonix's Manager of Communications, on all things Rock Band Network and music promotion.

Ten More Songs Announced From the Rock Band 3 Setlist! http://www.rockband.com/zine/rock-band-3-new-songs

We announced 10 more songs from the Rock Band 3 setlist including Bob Marley & the Wailers, Slipknot, Rammstein, HIM, and more!


Check out this week's HMX recommendations for Rock Band Network songs - more metal and indie rock favorites, plus a country tune and a very special "Other."

Rock Band 3 New Features: Pro Keys

Unless you’re living in a cave, you’ve probably heard by now that Rock Band 3 is introducing a new peripheral – the keyboard! But what does that mean, and how does that work? I asked Sylvain Dubrofsky, Senior Designer extraordinaire, to chat a bit about the work he's been doing on keyboards.

HMX Tattoos: HMXThrasher and TheHellion


Ever wondered why there are such great tattoos in Rock Band? Check out the real-life ink of Harmonix employees in the first article in a series featuring employees from all over the company.
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