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I saw this nice discography poster that had all the albums plus others[Live at the BBC, Anthology's, YS Songtrack, 1, Naked, Love] and it made me think of this.

Rank your favorite albums based on the covers/inside booklet/all around package. I think that would bump the white album up with the poster and all that. You can inlcude non-studio albums if you want, I split them but can put them all together in one list.

1.Magical Mystery Tour (The booklet is the best of them all with that comic. Will probably get the remastered Vinyl whenever they come out with it for a larger version.)
2.Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
3.Abbey Road (Iconic cover)
4.Yellow Submarine (probably the only time YS can be in Top 5)
5. Revolver
6.Beatles For Sale (Reminds me of Autumn)
7.Let It Be
8.Rubber Soul
9.The White Album
11.With The Beatles
12.Please Please Me
13.A Hard Day's Night

1. Love
2. 1 (love all the pics of the singles from around the world inside)
3. Anthology 3
4. Let It Be...Naked
5. Anthology 2
6. Anthology 1
7. The Blue Album
8. The Red Album
9. Live at the BBC
10. Past Masters


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    I can only rate the others by there covers

    Beatles albums
    1.Sgt Peppers
    2.Abbey road
    3.Magical mystery tour
    4.yellow submarine
    6.White album
    8.Beatles for sale
    9.Rubber soul
    10.Let it be
    11.Please please me
    12.a hard days night
    13.With the beatles

    Others (based on the cover)
    2.Anthology 3
    3.Anthology 2
    4.Anthology 1
    5.Let it be naked
    6.Blue album album
    8.Live at BBC
    9.Past masters
    10. 1
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