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So as you may have figured out by now this site has a few bugs -let's call it a soft beta of sorts. We are currently working on how much the server can handle and we will be beefing it up so it can withstand massive traffic. We also are aware that the topics list weirdly and we're also working on that. If you come across some other things or if you just have a few awesome ideas post them here and read every last one and see if we can't make this site better. Honestly, we have big plans for making Rockbandgame.com the best game community around and we want to keep it going for a long time.  Any ideas will be warmly accepted.


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    Awesome. This has so much potential I hope it can be realized.


    For start, I would say more bandwidth, while this is probably obvious for the most part, i'm not sure if it's just me lately that has been having to wait a long time for each page to load. Maybe it's my internet. Seems to be much better than earlier though.


    As for issues, the only main problem I've seen has been with the emails saying that a post has been replied to, the link given does not work. (I think once it did, but every other time it's a dead url), also an option to subscribe to threads, instead of have every one email you after a reply (there's probably an option for this already, actually, but I have not seen it). There is also the bug that after posting or editing, it brings you to basically a blank page, where your new post or updated post should be, all the rest of the website is there, so all you need to do is re click the forum part above the jump bar, but still, annoying. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think so.


    As for suggestions, this is very far off from actually happening if ever, but like I mentioned in another post (forgot where), it would be great to have Band pages where we can create a "Band Page/Area" and invite up to 3 other people that will make up that group, and then have a group area, etc. (also allow us to join more than one band) Even further down the line (if possible), have it be able to automatically upload our band stats from xbox live/playstation network and have a rankings page for the band on the site as well. There's so much more that can be done as well off a little idea like this.

    Best example I can give like this right now is what Bungie.net does with halo 2. It'd probably be a lot of work but boy would it kick serious ass. 

    Oh, and maybe a 'coming soon' list for online downloads after the game ships as well. 


    I'd love to see this community develop and grow and I am definitely glad to be a part of it. 



    seems to be going much faster now.. but still kinda slow in relation to every other page I browse to.

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     The avatar animation is viewable when you click on a thread and not all pictures display as a background for the profile. ^^



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    What do the points represent?
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    Users of Opera web brower are gonna find it a hard time using this editor for posting.. I just tried before and sentences dissapear, linebreaks end up all over the place.. and no amount of editing fixes it..

    The even larger problem is that when using the html style editor as a backup.. you update your changes and whammo, your message is wiped.. so yeah, something to think about anyway.

    For now I'll just move back to despicable IE image

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    Brock: Give Firefox a try, better than both imo.


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    Changing browser isn't really a fix is it :)

    The editor works in FireFox, but it sometimes add spaces in front of new lines for some reason. I prefer plain text myself.

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    Ive also had trouble with changing my page's background image. And encountered those blank screens after posting or adding a friend, posting a comment etc.


    It'd be good if the site was open to people worldwide as well, not just US. 

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    Definitely don't use Safari. I know there is a warning message, but if
    you try to type in something, and then Submit Reply, everything comes
    out blank.
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    Also just noticed that FireFox on Mac: When you submit a posting, it
    goes to a blank page. Should return to the original message.
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    Is it firefox? because FF on windows did it too for me, haven't tried IE.


    Either way, at least the page works (for the most part) with FF :) 

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    Rainer7 said:
    What do the points represent?

    I posted the answer in the General forum, [link="http://www.rockbandgame.com/index.php?do=/public/forum/posts/id_81/"]here[/link]

    I'd post it here but I had a heck of a time getting it to format in that topic.



    I can not for the life of me find a history of where I've posted or commented.

    Example: I commented on Heather's blog. Later, I then clicked on her blog by mistake and found that she responded to my comment. Now I would never have known she responded if that didn't happen. There were no emails to tell me this. Having some way to display where you commented/posted would make it a little easier to go back to check. The current way, well, we're just as blind as a bat and have to rely on our memory, or lack of memory on my part.


    Thanks again for the site and making the changes needed to make this a pleasurable experience for all.


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    this isn't a bug but I was wondering how do you make a group?
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    Where do you change the time zone?  The 24-hour clock throws me off.
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    I had a friend send me a message and whenever I try to view it it just shows the inbox.  The message doesn't open.
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    Is there a button I can click that will mark all topics as read? Because I have been searching and have so far been unfruitful.
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    Main forum page at bottom.
    Or click this, which is the same thing.
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