Paper Valentines: LIVE!!!

jawillroyjawillroy Rising Star
edited September 2010 in The Rock Band Network
Last I checked, there were a couple hundred of you fine freaks crazy enough to download my song, Paper Valentines. And I thank you for your bravery/ completism/ whatever it is that makes you buy my songs.

Tonight, September Tenth, at the venerable Brooklyn dive Hank's Saloon, my live band - A Bunch Of Girls - will be debuting a louder, faster version of Paper Valentines to an audience of tens.

All New Yorkers and Brooklynites* are invited to attend: the first twenty in the door are guaranteed a brand new case of tinnitus. The last twenty out the door are guaranteed to smell like bar rags.

*oh, and the rest of you, too, but I don't imagine anyone crossing state lines to see a show at Hank's, really.
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