RB3 (Bands Without Current DLC) Wishlist

D_Marc2005D_Marc2005 Unsigned
Feel free to suggest your own songs. Genre choices also up for discussion.
Edit: Bands with on-disc tracks also excluded.

Death Metal
Abramelin - Plague
Absence - Summoning The Darkness
Aeon - Kill Them All
Aeon of Horus - The Embodiment: Pt. II
Akercocke - Words That Go Unspoken
Aletheian - Broken Legacy
Allegaeon - Accelerated Evolution
All Hell - Wreckage Riders
Amon Amarth - Death In Fire
Amoral - Distract
Anata - Entropy Within
Arkaik - Womb of Perception
Arcane Order - The Sanity Insane
Arch Enemy - Bridge of Destiny
Armagedon - Bed of Thorns(?)
Atheist - Mother Man
Atheretic - Nature Laughs Last
Augury - Skyless
Autopsy - In the Grip of Winter
Barren Earth - Forlorn Waves
Becoming the Archetype - Trivial Paroxysm
Be'lakor - Countless Skies
Benediction - Paradox Alley
Blood Red Throne - State Of Darkness
Bolt Thrower - World Eater
Burning Human - Resurrection Through Fire
Brutality - Cries of the Forsaken
Cancer - Death Shall Rise
Capharnaum - Icon of Malice
Carcariass - Watery Grave
Carcass - Arbeit Macht Fleisch
Cenotaph - In the Cosmic Solitude
Centaurus-A - Dripping Red Canvas
Chaos Divine - Avalon
Chasm - Fiery Rebirth
Council of the Fallen - Repetition Breeds Insanity
Cryptopsy - Slit Your Guts
Crystal Age - Tempt Not Thy Maker(?)
Cynic - Uroboric Forms
Dark Tranquility - Hedon
Death - Crystal Mountain
Deathevokation - Infinity Blights the Flesh
Deicide - Dead But Dreaming
Demilich - And You'll Remain... (In Pieces in Nothingness)
Demonical - Burned Alive
Dethklok - Hatredcopter
Diascorium - The Blood Shall Spoil
Disaffected - And Flesh Will Be My Bride
Disarmonia Mundi - Burning Cells
Disembarkation - In The Mouth Of Madness
Disincarnate - Monarch of the Sleeping Marches
Dismember - And So Is Life
Echidna - Juggernaut
Electrocution - Rising of Infection(?)
Element - Inception Of The Flagitious
Empyrean Sky - Empyrean Sky
Entombed - Drowned
Eternal Dirge - We Are the Dead
Eulogy - Entombed By Belief
Ex Deo - Surrender the Sun
Faceless - The Ancient Covenant
Fall of the Leafe - Effloresce Black & White
Few Against Many - Abider
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Embodied Deception
Fractal Gates - Skies of Orion
Gates of Ishtar - Wounds
Goatwhore - This Passing Into The Power Of Demons
God Dethroned - Poison Fog
Gorguts - Condemned To Obscurity
Gorod - Disavow Your God
Gory Blister - Anticlimax
Grave - Extremely Rotten Flesh
Grotesque - Submit to Death
Gwynbleidd - Stare Into the Sun
Hate - Necropolis
Hollenthon - Innocent Sin
Hour Of Penance - Slavery In A Deaf Decay
Hypocrisy - Abducted
Illogicist - Be My Guide
Immolation - World Agony
Impureza - La Iglesia Del Odio(?)
Incarnia - Yersinia Pestis
In Flames - Moonshield
In Mourning - The Shrouded Divine
Insomnium - The Day It All Came Down
Interment - Sacrificial Torment
Into Eternity - Splintered Visions
Iscaroth - Bringer of Disease
Julie Laughs Nomore - Mistress of Death
Kalmah - Bitter Metallic Side
Krisiun - Combustion Inferno
Loudblast - Sublime Dementia
Lykathea Aflame - Flowering Entities
Malevolent Creation - Conflict
Man Must Die - Kill It Skin It Wear It
Martyr - Nameless, Faceless, Neverborn
Master - Judgment of Will
Mechanism - Hall Of The Gods
Mercenary - Everblack
Miseration - A Trail Blazed Through Time
Mithras - Thrown Upon the Waves
Monolith Deathcult - Demigod
Monstrosity - Manic
Morbid Angel - Maze of Torment
Mors Principium Est - Parasites of Paradise
Necrophagist - Advanced Corpse Tumor
Nervecell - Demean
Neuraxis - ...Of Divinity
Nile - Iskander d'Hul Karnon
Nightrage - The Tremor
Nocturnus - Andromeda Strain
Norther - Blackhearted
Noumena - Misanthropolis
Obituary - Find the Arise
Obscura - None Shall Be Spared
Odious Mortem - Collapse of Recreation
Omnium Gatherum - Amor Tonight
Ontogeny - Pillars of Perversion
Pavor - Inflictor Of Grimness
Phazm - Love Me Rotten
Quo Vadis - Tunnel Effect (Element of the Ensemble IV)
Revocation - Across Forests and Fjords
Rotting Christ - Gaia Tellus
Scar Symmetry - The Kaleidoscopic God
Septic Flesh - Lovecraft's Death
Skyfire - The Transgressor Within
Sleep Terror - Dysrythmic Vexation
Spawn of Possession - Church of Deviance
Suffocation - Infecting The Crypts
Trigger The Bloodshed - Dethrone
Ulcerate - Praise and Negation
Wintersun - Winter Madness
Woe Of Tyrants - Break The Fangs Of The Wicked

All Shall Perish - Black Gold Reign
Animosity - You Can't Win
Bleeding Through - Sister Charlatan
Botch - Transitions From Persona To Object
Born Of Osiris - The Accountable
Breather Resist - Long Nights,Short Fuses
Burst - I Hold Vertigo
Shadows Fall - War
Sikth - As the Earth Spins Round
Veil of Maya - Mowgli


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