The Brazilian Bombshells

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My friends and I have had this band for a while, it's finally time for it's intranet debut! Keep in mind that it is a sh!t band so expect lots of soul but not a lot of quality.

Here we are!:

Safeway -- A tribute to the Bombshells favourite hangout - The local Safeway

Skeet- Based on a true story... About Skeet shooting of course.

Lord of The Flies Rap - Techno beats smothered in terrible rap. Best Viewed with the Lord of The Flies Rap Video TM. Originally for an English Project

Huck Finn Rap - Another school one.

Mexicanos Sucios - Take a Trip south of the border!... ehh... To your local Home Depot!

One Day- Our very first song.... Explore the dark depths of the Human Psyche. Gothic Speed Metal.

By the way we also provide a multitude of short films, avaliable on YouTube.
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We Play Rock Band and other games a bit, add us if you like us.

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